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  1. MathewHauro
  2. dyllicious
    dyllicious twinning
    sent you a pm and posted in your thread about the rotiforms
  3. Smithk1111
  4. lorge1989
  5. Mr Europe
    Mr Europe
    A little lost.. but I'll figure it out.. look forward to finding a get together
  6. Boosted_A4-2.0t
    Boosted_A4-2.0t t-rent
    Hey can you send me some dubs in the buff stickers for my audi gotta repp any stickers you got but if you can send 2 of each or 2 of the same gunna mirror the stickers on each side of car prefer blue or purple if you have if not white will be ok just not with my theme lol
  7. Boosted_A4-2.0t
    New to this site. Got my new b8 a4 sold the b6 swapped a4 for this build coming soon!!!
  8. Elan
    Selling my 2001 audi Quattro
  9. AJ @ Basil VW
    AJ @ Basil VW
    On Friday, the 13th of November 2015, I took delivery of my new girl. I call her Penny. She's a 2012 VW Jetta 2.5 SE with a MANUAL tranny!
  10. bloodtypevr6
    bloodtypevr6 pac1085
    Are the wheels 19" or 18"? Im the guy who bought the b5 s4 side skirts and door mouldings last year. Text me 7169483297
  11. cougar
    cougar t-rent
    Have a question for ya or more like an option
    1. t-rent
      what's that?
      Sep 9, 2015
  12. jaybrewer
    Working to get Hamburg Oktoberfest 2015 set up! Sept 12th Memorial Park Village of Hamburg
  13. MadRacing331
    MadRacing331 savoyspecial
    Dude, It's Mark. I joined the club. still have to set up my profile & list my A4 For Sale
  14. RoachinRay
    I didn't know I could make a status.....
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  15. Gold1lox
    Gold1lox peter sullivan
    I see you finally got your profile picture turned right side up haha!
  16. FarhrenheitRunner25
    Missin the GLI on a day like today!
  17. civicpat
    civicpat jblane89
    Saw your post on the Vagcom thread. I have a 03 a4 with an overbost code. I was curious if you could diagnose it for me. Im also located in the hamburg area and would gladly offer a 30 pack or cash

    Pat O'Brien
  18. lorge1989
    This is why we can't have nice things. @Minglor
  19. Minglor
    SOWO = Thunderdoom
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  20. Lucas_GTI
    Lucas_GTI TeeGee716
    I have come across your for sale thread here: . Now i am from Australia, so this may seem like a strange request - but would you consider selling the kit and sending it to me in Australia? I will pay the shipping of course which would probably be $120 or so.