“Fun Day” at Nelson Ledges, May 12th!

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by unibagel, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    I am attending a track day at Nelson on May 12[SUP]th[/SUP] and wanted to once again try to rally up the troops and get a contingent to head down and have some fun. You can read my synopsis from last year here (I need to fix the pics, sry)…


    Get more info about what it is and what it costs here…


    So far my friend Bob (’67 911) and I (’08 GTI) are in for sure. I have 4 other guys who ‘might’ go (2 guys with ’04 STI’s, an ’09 Mini Cooper S and a newer 911). We are going to meet up at the Rez in Silver Creek Friday afternoon at 3pm, head down and camp at the track overnight.

    I cannot stress enough how much your driving skills will improve, how much you will learn about your car and how much fun you will have!!! At last years event I had 162 miles of track time….in ONE day! That is 81 laps folks.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and consider this an open invitation for everyone here! You will have a blast!

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  2. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Ahhhh man, I just made plans this morning for something I probably can't cancel for the 12th. I would have loved to have gone to this.
  3. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    If I didn't have my commencement on that day I would be there.
  4. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    I want to go...
    Car is really close to ready.
  5. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Do work son!

  6. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    Could always take the lease haha
  7. BIG E

    BIG E brütal.

    I am 90 percent sure I am in. With all the Autox being cancelled lately, I need to do soemthing.
  8. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God


  9. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    In. I'll have my GTI and a guy from work will have his Lotus.
  10. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Well I hope to finally meet some more of you! I'm meeting up at Seneca Hawk in Silver Creek at 3pm on Friday the 11th. Anyone is welcome to meet up with us and wagon-train down.... Bring some beer and maybe some wood for the campfire.
  11. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    I really would like to do one of these. No way will I have the money by the first one but later in the summer maybe.

    How whooped were your Tires after the event Unibagel?
  12. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    It's $130 for the event. I went thru the Driver's School (called Nelson Ledges University) and they gave me a $30 coupon off my next track event. WELL WORTH IT in my book!!

    I'll admit that I ran some shitty-arsed tires last time and they did wear but not a whole lot. It's not like you are doing heaters in the parking lot, ya know. remember: Smooth = fast.

    I think they let spectators in for free (not sure though), it may be worth it to crew for someone, hang out and get the feel of it all.

  13. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    Maybe not you...
  14. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Probably later in the season I'll try to hit one. I need a helmet, fresh brake fluid(which i dont even feel like swapping out) and money. If I took the rocco (which I still have...ugh) i need a updated harness. Probably won't have all that by the 12th
  15. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Update: I talked to Scott Lane the Pres. of Nelson Ledges and they will leave the gate open for us so that we can camp at the track. I'm anticipating to arrive there at around 6pm. Anyone who is planning on going PM me and we can exchange phone numbers, just in case.

    I'm so pumped for this!!

  16. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    I'm bumping this up as a reminder that this is coming up soon!!
  17. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Taken from “Nelson Ledges University”…

    Tips for self learning

    AWAYS check your car and safety gear before going on track.

    • The farther ahead you look, the smoother you will be.
    • Never jerk the steering wheel or stomp the pedals.
    • Smooth does not necessarily mean slow.

    When trying to decide on the best approach for a particular turn, first think of the desired outcome and then work backwards to achieve that goal.

    • Ex. Most turns are followed by straights and your desired outcome should be the fastest speed possible down the straight.
    • To achieve that, you need the fastest exit speed from the turn.​
    o Which means you usually need the earliest full throttle point possible while negotiating the turn.​
     To find that you need a controlled approach to the point you can apply full throttle.
    • Lesson: If you are still trying to save a slightly out of control car because you entered the turn too fast or applied the brakes too late, you will have to wait slightly longer to apply full throttle and will be slightly slower all the way down the straight.

    When learning a new track or car, make your initial guesses of apex locations on the late side.
    • An apex guessed too late results in a slightly slower lap time and adjustments can be made during future laps.
    • An apex guessed too early can easily result in an off-course excursion and negate the possibility of future laps.​
  18. Bad Bunny

    Bad Bunny Well-Known Member

    I wish my brother would let me take his (your old) gli. This sounds like an absolute blast.
    I will be all over it as soon as the Rabbit is finished. Do you think you'll be going back this summer?
  19. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    ^ yes, Bad Bunny< I'll be going back!!!! My new GTI was FANTASTIC! What a car.
  20. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    Hey did the guy with busted oil line make it back?

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