1.8T Pancake Pipe Question

Discussion in 'Everything Technical' started by KurtCav, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    I decided it was time to upgrade my SMIC since it gets so ridiculously hot down here and I have some minor damage to my stock IC. Eurojet was having a sale so I picked one up for $370 shipped.

    I don't like replacing things unless theyre broken and I'm wondering about this pancake pipe BS. Since I upgraded the SMIC would it be retarded to not replace the pancake pipe? I feel like the pancake pipe probably performs just fine and it's just a gimmick to get me to buy another piece of piping.

    I'm looking to the vets for this one.

  2. spam16v

    spam16v Members Only

    it's debateable on a chip... if you score one used, i'd get it if it was cheap, otherwise it's not worth retail.
  3. GTiKyle

    GTiKyle Posting- God

    I have a frontmount and have the pancake still
  4. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I remember seeing countless threads about the pancake pipe.
    I agree with spam16v, I wouldn't waste my money unless I got it used.
    It really probably doesn't make a huge difference that you'll notice.
  5. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    I would leave the stock one. Less likely to blow off than an aftermarket pipe.
    I may even have the ABD repalcement pipe I had in the shed still, you can have it, I will check later for you.
  6. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    I would leave it.
  7. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    Thanks guys.

    Don't worry about it Jeller. I'd have to hve one of my homies pick it up then ship it to me.
  8. ejg3855

    ejg3855 Eric

    The flow rate on the pancake pipe versus the aftermarket replacements is neglidgible if one exists at all.

    The consensus is to leave it unless you have a reason to change it.
  9. budsdubbin

    budsdubbin Posting- God

    theres no real replacment for the stock location so just keep it in. It'll make no difference but you should probably look into the new kit eurojet came out with for stock charge piping from the compressor side to the pancake. If you were going to spend any money that would be my next move.

    Eurojet MK4 1.8T OEM Discharge Pipe Kit -this will solve that leaky oem hard piping.
  10. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    solution 2 is to get the OE piping off of a 2000 model year. All clamps/etc instead of c-clips/crap.
  11. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    I saw that and decided unless something fails, I'm not replacing it. I don't understand why this kit is better than the stock one. I pulled the stock SMIC off tonight and there was no oil in the pancake pipe. Cold side of the intercooler was bone dry. Sure, there was some residue on the hot side but I didn't have a single drip of oil on the garage floor after taking the IC off.

    What is this eurojet kit supposed to do besides look cool when I remove my wheel? This is an honest question because I'm afraid I'm missing something.
  12. budsdubbin

    budsdubbin Posting- God

    I donno how many miles are on your setup but at 60 k my pcv system was leaking a shit load. If your as clean as you say you are your one of the lucky ones. The discharge hard connection usually ends up leaking eventually. You'll see alot of grease and gunk caked around that flange.
  13. budsdubbin

    budsdubbin Posting- God

    Once again this doesn't replace your pancake pipe, just the pipe that runs from the compressor outlet of your turbo to your pancake pipe.

  14. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    Is that a TB hose in there? So it's everythig from the turbo to the TB minus the pancake pipe?
  15. budsdubbin

    budsdubbin Posting- God

    That isn't for the tb its for connecting the 90 hardpipe off the turbo to the hard pipe going to the pancake.

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