1985 VW Vanagon

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    For sale: 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon GL, 1.9 liter waterboxer engine and 4-speed manual transmission. The van has spent most of its life in North Carolina and Virginia. 205K mileage, body is really good. It is very solid with the exception of some minor seam rust in the rear quarters. Very clean underneath. Interior does show some wear that you might expect with a 30+ year old vehicle, but it is still in very good condition overall. One of the few left that has all 4 of the instrument cluster tabs and dashpad both in perfect contition!

    I cleaned and I cleaned this van....carpets, seats, windows, wash and Nufinish wax.

    There are tons of new parts installed on the van and I'm including a ton more: complete spare engine (with computer, coil, AFM, distributor, alternator, etc...), a couple of boxes of extras that I had like period correct Bosch fog lights, and more. Heck, I'll even throw in one of my custom ashtray mounted gauge pods! [​IMG]:)

    I'm asking $6000 or best offer. Contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking.

    New parts installed:
    Set of 4 Hankook Vantra LT tires
    Truck-Lite LED headlamps
    Bumper End Caps
    Rear Bumper
    Ignition switch
    Turn signal switch
    Wiper switch
    Front brake rotors, pads and lines
    Inner/Outer front wheel bearings
    Rear brake shoes and hardware
    Both Rear wheel cylinders
    Master Cylinder
    Front and Rear shocks
    Fuel filter
    Fuel pump
    GoWesty fuel line replacement kit
    New Alternator and Power Steering belts
    Exhaust connector pipe
    Catalytic converter
    All applicable exhaust gaskets and SS mounting hardware
    O2 Sensor
    (4) Bus Depot chrome center caps
    (2) Rear brake hoses

    Pics here:
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    Many wants.
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  3. BlackGTI

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    So is this the same van that you've had for all these years or a second one?
  4. unibagel

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    A different one, mine is a Westy...
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    So tempting. We've been looking for van this summer but I don't really have the room at the moment. Random question but does the backseat fold flat?
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    Indeed it does!
  7. unibagel

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    I am a motivated seller as I have found another car I'd like to purchase. Someone is going to get a really nice Vanagon at a good price. :)
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    My offer still stands
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