1997 Windsor blue GLX, *Spun bottom end*.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Kadams29, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Prices changed** i need the chassis gone!
    ** Head and flywheel are sold to mk2Bailey*- awesome buyer! Was a very good transaction

    -Rolling chassis(no D Train) on Stock gatti's with coils 700$ without coils On stock Sus.-600$)
    -Wilwoods-whole kit 250$ +shipping B/O
    - BBS Montreal II's with Tires- 400$$ B/o- Picked Up.
    -C2 racefile Chipped 259 ECU-SOLD(vortex)
    -Tranny all degreased and cleaned-100$ or B/o picked up
    * MAKE OFFERS* im a easier guy to deal with!

    Main Details,
    - 97, windsor blue on CLEAN black leather. 138k, Clean NY title in my name. Id rate the interior 9/10 and exterior 7.5/10 due to little sun fade on hood and roof and 3 little dime sized dents in front pass fender and trunk deck. But its Rust FREE. Pinch welds are pretty straight and rockers are clean with nice clear paint minus 1 smaller dent were a P/O jacked a little too far towards the middle of the car. Side skirts cover nice.

    But as in the title about 2 months ago it spun a rod bearing.

    TRANNY- I drained gear lube for new Amsoil Fluid and it has a 5 thousand mile total Fidanza 8Lb super light flywheel with clean meaty OEM sachs clutch. Everything shifted awesome and smooth before i spun a the bearing.

    Also, other randoms were newer but used coil pack. New NGK Wires,
    -Polished Intake manifold nicely

    - Deleted full A/c system in the Bay.

    -Cleaned the whole bay up nicely.

    EXHAUST-TechTonics Stainless 2.5" Catback with Borla muffler and Magnaflow Sport high flow Cat, alll newer and clean. not hacked up or anything used good clamps and it hangs perfect.

    BRAKES- WilWood 11" DynaLight 4 piston fronts with new drilled rotors and pads.These brakes work just awesome. There crazy light calipers and dont get any fade. For the rears there just stock mk3 with new pads. The Ebrake cable is froze and i never had the energy to fix it. Either did brad lol

    BODY- Again very clean besides the sun fade and little dings. Every things fully intact but the trim piece on pass door. I have it i just never bothered to put it back on.

    -Vmaxx Coils with 12-15k on them. Work pretty well for what they cost. I also have a newer set of factory struts and springs.
    -R32 control Arm bushings about 5-10k ago. everythings very tight and well maintained.

    - 16x7 BBS Montreal II's with Vw center caps.Very clean with lightt light scuff mark on 1 wheel.
    -New 205/40/16 BF Goodrich G force KDW's. Just awesome tires. Prob the best street/track tire for the price.
    -ECS 10's mills up front i believe i almost cant remember,[​IMG] and i'm pretty sure there H en R 15's in the rear. All correct extented bolts and whatnot

    Im sure theres other random stuff im missing.. I will sell anything really besides body panels because i wanna keep the roller as a whole. But send offers for any parts. Also have many random factory goodies-Coil packs, stock springs/struts, Let me know. Calling//Texting 716-949-172zero thanks alot,kyle

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  2. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    Good seller

    Glws man
  3. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Thanks joe!, yea fella's im deffantly a motivated seller. Its collecting dust in my shop and i really dont have room. Make offers. Worst i can say is no. I wont be disrespected with lowballs lol.
  4. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Price is very neogotiable. Just make some offers for whole car.,, Car+specific parts- just parts. Ill do whatever to get stuff moving.
  5. Mk3Sleeper04

    Mk3Sleeper04 Vroom!

    Wish I had some extra cash to buy this back from you lol this car needs a. 1.8t put in it!!!
  6. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    cammed head is sold**, Avalible parts are wheels with tires, can also be separated. I can have separate tranny avaible, 259 ECU with New C2 RaceFile for ODB2. Set of nice NGK wires. Multiple clean good working Coil packs. 3 ODB 2's (square plug) and 1 ODB1(oval plug) , Let me know.
  7. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Updated* lets move stuff!
  8. Bad Bunny

    Bad Bunny Well-Known Member

  9. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

  10. mk2bailey86

    mk2bailey86 Well-Known Member

    Ill still take flywheel
  11. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    ^ Flywheel sold to bailey! Also, as of today the drivetrain is out of the car and im shipping some parts out. They include Full timing kit, C2 software and the engine harness. If anyome needs anything else feel free to give me a shout.
  12. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Somebody, buy the chassissssss!! Lol. I found a car that ill be buying here inthe next week or 2 but i have no room for it because the jetta's taking up its space in my shop. Somebody give me a offer for it. Its gotta goo.
  13. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    Give me this and $13k and you can have the R. :D
  14. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    ^ haha no R's for me man. I will be putting AWD in the jettas place however
  15. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Prices changed. I cant believe someOne doesent wanna throw 400$into this and make a G off it in the spring.
  16. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    TTT, at this point guys im gonna give the car this last week at my shop and if it isnt sold i guess im going to keep it and drag it back home. I found 2 motors locally so that only seems logical. Will be back up for sale in the spring probably but obviously price will be a lot different.
  17. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    fella's the car is clean enough, old enough and cool enough that it deserves to be driven.. 500$ on stock suspension with gatti's or steelies but thats as low as i will go. Im surprised somebody didnt want a cool little easy winter project. BUt if no response by sunday im bringing it back home to throw another motor in. Evo's coming in a week or 2:) so thats going into the shoppp
  18. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    Hagen needs to put the r back to stock, daily it and have a sweet sweet mk3 vr6
  19. Kadams29

    Kadams29 Well-Known Member

    Yea joe lol. I really believe im giving the car away for 500$. i know of 2 running motors locally that someone just has to swap in and the cars set. Theres nothing wrong with it mechanically.

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