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Discussion in 'Car Journals/Projects' started by budsdubbin, May 12, 2011.

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    He took me for a rip in this on a wet night, my butt hole was clenched. This thing ripssss. Cant wait to see dyno numbers
  2. budsdubbin

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    Update: E85 in the tank. Well more like E60-E70 I have decided to stay with a mix for now with the 1000cc injectors. Reason is 1000cc are a bit on the small side for my setup on full e85. Chatting with Q he has been running the same on his turbo b7s4 and hitting max timing numbers without knock. So far the motor runs extremely smooth without timing pull at any given load. I'm pretty happy with the results so far but I just began the process of fine tuning the fuel, timing and torque management tables.

    I plan on having the boost by gear unit I was blessed with from Quintin @ USRT installed by next week. If I get a sudden burst of drive then I will pull the turbo to rebuild myself and from there it will be sent out for compressor wheel upgrade from arnold at pagparts.

    Some odds and ends I'd like to address:
    crankcase vent to exhaust with ventri kit from vibrant- purchased
    coolant overflow
  3. budsdubbin

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    I'm going to do a little cleaning up of this build thread in my spare time to fix the broken Image links for new members on here. There will be a index at the beginning of the thread so members can better navigate through the build history. Why ? Well its winter so I'll have more time to spare and also to do my part to give back to the forum. Hopefully inspire more members to do the same. I would like to see more members sharing their stories/builds as well. I know there are plenty of new local members on here working on your own stuff so please share!
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    This is the best part of the forum still is seeing everyone build their cars, seeing stories and pictures. It's almost like I am there building the car with you. Except you wouldn't want me to do that lol. Keep it up!

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