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  1. RHallock

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    R.I.P. Touareg - RHallock

    After the departure of the 944, I wanted to get something with much more power, and that could haul a trailer. Also, having a car that wouldn't start on fire was also on the agenda. I looked at American SUVs - Tahoes, Envoys, etc. They all felt cheap, shifted shitty, and didn't really get me hard.

    My pal big e suggested a Touareg, and a quick text to Jon B had me at Towne Mazda on Friday looking at a 2005 Touareg with 85k miles, and a 4.2 V8 just like my A6 had.

    After driving it around for 20 mins, I was in love. I called him back later that night and told him I'll take it as long as we can agree on a price. Saturday at 2 pm I signed the paper work, and it was mine!

    Here's a list of everything I can think of that the car has on it:

    - NAV, with turn-by-turn on the dash.
    - Teak leather interior, all sorts of buttons and lumbar on the seats.
    - Rear heated seats, with vents on the B-pillars and center console.
    - Snowboard package with rear seat pass-through, and snowboard bag attached.
    - Side, front, and rear parking assist sensors.
    - LED strip on dash alerting what side of the car is closest to a building, person, etc. The rear hatch has a green LED at eye level in the mirror that turns green when nothing's behind.
    - 4.2 V8 - 310hp/305lb/ft
    - BOSE 12 speaker, 4 subwoofer sound system, with 6-disc changer in the trunk.
    - Touchless door locks (button on door handles that you press to unlock the car).
    - Retractable sun screens on rear door windows.
    - Altimeter with degree coordinates, and a display telling current turning degree/wheel direction.
    - Air-ride suspension. Ranging from 3" of fender/tire clearance, to 11.9" of clearance at the highest setting.
    - 4Motion AWD, High/Low range settings, rear diff lock, center diff lock, auto/sport/comfort dampening/height settings.
    - 6-speed CVT, and SPORT shift mode, kick down as well.
    - Aluminum roof racks. The front rack was nearly stolen at the dealership earlier last week, someone tried to drill the lock out. Getting a new one in the next few weeks/before winter hits. (Rocksomething or other snowboard rack ordered - 4 snowboards or 6 pairs of skis).
    - 18" stock VW Manhattan wheels on 255/55/18s. Will be getting a bigger wheel and tire combo for summer! Getting dedicated snows for winter as well.

    That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure more will come to me. It gets 18 mpg highway/14 mpg city, only 3 mpg or so worse than the V6 Touareg. 26.4 gallon tank as well. 7700-lb towing capacity, which will be more than enough for any towing I need to do.

    After driving it over the weekend, I'm extremely happy with the car. It's VERY quick, very torquey, and the perfect road trip car. 120 mph on the thruway feels like you're in a 911, and in sport suspension mode, it handles and changes lanes on rails. Comfort setting raises the car up to normal height, and then I usually jack it up another 2" or so. "XTRA" setting gets you all the way up, and will only stay there until you hit 12 mph, then it lowers itself back down a little. It's really only meant for extreme off-roading and big time snow climbing at that height. Big E and I also discovered that if you open the hatch to load things in, the car lowers itself slightly. After weight is added, it then measures how much weight was put in the trunk, and adjusts the height and stiffness to compensate. It's really a trip watching it all work, so fucking cool.

    As far as anything I'm going to do in terms of mods:

    - Bigger wheels and tires. 20s or 22s seem like the most popular option, and I've seen 295s on other Touaregs, but I don't think I'd go that wide.
    - Thule snowboard holder.
    - DICE iPod and iPad hook-up.
    - K&N panel filters. There are two intakes!

    Pics up later, I'm at work with no access to Flickr or Photobucket.

    Shitty BB photo


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  2. BIG E

    BIG E brĂ¼tal.

    truck is so boss. Looks like an SUV, soul of a sportscar.
  3. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    I love touregs! Nice choice
  4. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Sounds just like the one I had for a bit.
    I loved it.
    Mine also had the heated steering wheel.
    God I miss that.
  5. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    Erik told me stories about yours!!!
  6. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    dude. this is awesome. congrats.
  7. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God


    Cool ride.
  8. EvilJay

    EvilJay Hate Inc.

    The only thing I could think of when I read this is "Goddamn that sounds like some expensive shit to fix."

    Sounds super cool though, congrats on the purchase.
  9. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    Oh fuck yeah man, I look at all that shit and all I see is dollar signs. I'm trying not to use the air when I don't need to, but, freaking people out at stop lights is awesome.

    Come on back to Buffalo and I can lick icing off your finger in the passenger seat.
  10. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Yea, the woman loves using her air to freak people out too!
  11. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    Haenszel was accidentally adjusting the ride height while I was driving in the city today.

  12. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    Extra off-road mode rules.
  13. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    we left it in Comfort and the arrow pointing up, so every time I hit a stop light this morning, the car would raise, then lower, lol.
  14. JBGTI

    JBGTI Well-Known Member

    I pumped that you're pumped on the touareg, man!

    The touareg from Repo Men should be your inspiration.

  15. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    I LOVE this fucking thing, dude!!! Thanks for putting me in it son!!!

    I'm looking at some 20s right now.... and 21s..... and 22s!
  16. VRsnail00

    VRsnail00 Well-Known Member

    This is awesome! I love touaregs; would love to get one when I have a family and such.

  17. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    yeah, i gotta find some girl to impregnate with all this room inside.
  18. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Have you tried Allen st on a Friday or Saturday? Shouldn't have a problem there
  19. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    like a bauce'
  20. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    got the Touareg back from getting the battery replaced at VWOP, all is well now.

    I ordered a tow hitch and wiring harness for it, and wanted to get a front "bull bar" that had lights on it, but, the bar itself would interfere with my parking sensors. so sad.

    I'm getting some bigger tires next week for it as well, 265/60/18 SMUDDERS seem to be a perfect size. Hankook makes a real nice knobby tire that's not much of a wallet killer, so I'll probably go with them!


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