2007 Jetta Fahrenheit (Total Loss / Salvage)(Automatic)

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    Moving out of state and getting rid of my wife’s 07 GLI Fahrenheit (odometer somewhere in the range of 185k. All stock with maintenance done by myself. Can follower done last year and new tires put on last year as well. Needs a new charcoal cannister (hard start after fill ups) and sounds like the rear right hub needs replaced. Vehicle was involved in a fender bender November of 2017 and the insurance considered it a total loss. We kept the car with intent to salvage and rebuild the title. The damage is very minor but does have some some framing push in on the rear right side. Everything can be hammered out and realigned easily if you have the patience. The rear right taillight needs replaced because the mounting bracket broke, but the lense is still fine and the light is in working order. And that’s it, literally. Some body panel hammering, new light, and a touch up to the paint on the bumper cover and it’s as good as a normal 2007 Jetta. I have 3 vehicles and a motorcycle right now so something has to get rid of and t looks like the Jetta is the winner. Hope someone can make good use out of it. Looking to get at least $1500 out of it but completely open to offers. The car is being sold as is and it is currently in full working order. Just needs some TLC. Will upload pics in commment section later and add link for craigslist post whenever I make it. Contact Brad at 7654653863.

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