2017 Alltrack!

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  1. unibagel

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    Yep, traded my 2015 GTI in on a 2017 Alltrack S, DSG. I wanted a little more room and AWD, Adam at Basil had them marked down so I jumped. Happy so far, with my snowtires it's a beast in the snow.

    On that VERY cold night I test drove it.


    My two girls together. :)

    Winter mode activated

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  2. unibagel

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  3. vw to bimmer

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  4. Jeller

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    Congrats man !

    I picked one up also, but I had to have a manual. I really did not want to go anywhere else but @Basil VW but the manual 17s were getting to impossible to find and my A4 needed to go. Sorry Adam, I feel like a traitor not buying through you, hope we can still be friends :(

    [​IMG]New & Old Wagon by Christopher Mosgeller, on Flickr

    It's fun to be modding a new platform now instead of fixing a aging Audi all the time.
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    Is your's an S or SE?
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  7. unibagel

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    ^LIKE! That sub is on my list as well!!

    The S model is so much car for so little money!! I really like mine!
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    I totally agree and have made that same statement.
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    I have a Helix programming dongle of you guys need it.

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