5-22 cruse night

Discussion in 'GTGs and Shows' started by murdock, May 5, 2004.

  1. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    first official cruse of 2004 saturday may 22nd
    open to anyone who wants to go:

    1: meet at autohaus at 5:00 (for southtowners or anyone that wants to meet there)

    2:leave the haus at 5:30
    taking southwestern to ridge..
    ridge to rt5 over the sky way on to the 190
    twards the tonwandas exit befor the grandisland bridge
    cruse along the river to meet up at
    mississippi mudds parking at the river

    3: leave there around 7:30
    taking niagara st. crossing over into nt on to rver rd.
    taking down to the right turn to go twards summit mall...
    making a right at niagra falls blvd down the the "track" go-kart track

    4: leaving there when it gets late and heading for those up to it to JT wheatfields down the road..

    anyone wanting to go post up so i can make sure enough people are interested im going to hang a flyer up at the haus for people.. this would be fun to cruse around and hang out and actually do something.. eveyone bitches about doing the same thing so this is different and fun so be there!
  2. SloDub

    SloDub I got a Tetnis shot

    Wow man I'm impressed, did you come up with that all by yourself??? I'm def down for a run, not sure if I'll keep up with everyone but sounds nice.

    BTW: its cruise not cruse chief :wink:
  3. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    yeah i did ive been thinking of stuff to do for a wile... and its a cruse not a race so dont worry about keeping up
  4. CorradoMan

    CorradoMan Well-Known Member

    im in but ill be racing all of you 8)
  5. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    yeah i'm outta school by then, i'll probably be there.
  6. SRS

    SRS Well-Known Member

    You mean I won't be the only Beetle?! :shock: AWESOME! :wink:
  7. Stuey

    Stuey Well-Known Member

    If I don't have to work I'll be there :twisted:
  8. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Sounds good to me. :p
  9. Sprunch

    Sprunch pinche marijuanos

    :( Sorry there's a scooter Rally that weekend...I'll be in Canada :twisted:
  10. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Yeah I really need to remeber to check my calendar before I commit to things. Im gonna be scooter boy that weekend aswell :p
  11. Aurora_GL

    Aurora_GL car repair specialist

    yeah that sounds good to me, ill go the last cruise i was on was cool , but making a few stops sounds good.
    c ya then.
  12. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    Im down for a cruise.
  13. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    Thats right.... :twisted:
  14. deezdubbin

    deezdubbin Well-Known Member

    ill supply the beats
  15. CorradoMan

    CorradoMan Well-Known Member

    ill supply the tow if anyone needs it......
  16. miss vdub

    miss vdub Well-Known Member

    ill be there with the gli :):)
  17. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    ill supply direction and and asswoopin if ya'll get outta check:)
  18. Jetta A3

    Jetta A3 Well-Known Member

    Def sounds intresting. I'm in :wink:
  19. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    ok well its coming up its next sat... hopefully it will be a good turn outit would be awsome if we could get 20 or more euro rydes crusing around and show up those american car crusers!:)
  20. Boovw

    Boovw Stop re-reading this post. It probably doesn't ma

    count me in don, with my slower than urs 2.0

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