95 GLX (Seneca Falls, ny) $3000 obo

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by fuslit, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    This is my daily driver. I live in Seneca Falls and work in Ithaca. I would say I average about 25 - 30mpg with it on my drive to work. (about 30 miles along route 89) Its a blast to drive, but I want to bring my mountain bike to work so I can ride afterwards. I'm looking to get a passat wagon so I can put it in the car where it's less likely to be messed with so the GLX has to go.

    Price: $3000 obo

    Good points (in my eyes):

    - Timing chains done at 220k. (water pump, oil pan gasket, lower block oil gaskets, valve cover gasket, thermostat, t-stat housings, metal "crackpipe", etc replaced when doing the timing chain job. I have pics and receipts)
    - new drive axle
    - new outer tie-rod ends
    - OBD1 with OBD2 connector, less stringent inspections then OBD2
    - BPTD skid plate
    - h&r 60/40 cup kit
    - mk4 shift knob
    - lightened crank pulley
    - smoked e-codes
    - smoked turn signals
    - fogs (needs glass on one)
    - swapped the interior switches (all of them and the radio.) to red.
    - reverse light gauge faces (red and white) (which at the moment have decided not to work.)
    - stainless lines
    - mk4 rear caliper's
    - full turn2 poly stage 4 mounts and solid g60 motor mount
    - poly control arm bushings
    - stainless(aluminized?) techtonic's? (not sure it was on it when I got it) cat back exhaust (regular steel extension under bumper skin)
    - 5 or 10mm spacers in rear (I forget off the top of my head)
    - metal "crackpipe" (won't crack like the plastic ones)
    - synthetic oil changed every 3k miles
    - leather interior with heated front seats

    Things that need to be worked on.

    - Exhaust just after the cat is in need of repair, the one part that isn't stainless is sagging slightly and rubbing on the bottom U protector.
    - Rear brake slider boots need to be replaced (I have replacement boots)
    - Dash cluster gauge lighting has gone dark (it works sporadically). I have run new power to them but it's not working, It needs more troubleshooting
    - making a "scraping" noise when turning at low speed, Not brake or wheel bearing related I think it's the exhaust or strut bearing. i've jacked it up but have not been able to recreate the sound. I will try again to locate this week.
    - abs light is on, haven't had a chance to get it scanned to see which one.
    - rear door mechanism's are freezing open, I've got a couple good ones ordered and on the way here from a southern car with no rust.
    - coil pack needs to be jb-welded or replaced (I was gonna try the jb-weld first, I've got an extra coil pack)
    - one front fog has lost the glass cover (it still works)
    - Rear spoiler needs to be put back on

    The ugly:

    - It's got cross drilled rotors on it, but they're getting pretty grooved. While the pad thickness is decent and they aren't pulsing, it is pulling slightly to the right when braking. I think it will need a brake job in the near future. (I've got rear pads for it which would go with it.)
    - front jacking points underneath are pushed up (have always been that way since day one)
    - Rust is rearing it's head
    - it's got quite a few miles on it (but timing chains and water pump just have been done)

    I've tried to put as much info as I can think of off the top of my head into the description, Overall I think it's a decent ride, the e-codes work amazingly at night, and I've got a few spare parts that I would send along with it (OEM lights, radiator support, and some other things) I have the original oem bbs rims with summer tires on them. But they need at least one new tire (I was going to buy 4 new) The steel rims and snows that I've currently got on it could be included if the price is right. With the timing chains done the car should be good to go for another 100k (on the engine anyway)

    if you are interested email (tblakemore@gmail.com) or call 315 - 651- 2725

    - Todd

    Old pics (I'll try and snap some new ones)
    My Photo Gallery - picKLE version 0.3

    Some taken last year (I know old and it's dirty) There's surface rust in spots now as well ... still you'll get a rough idea.



  2. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Found what the mystery sound issue was, it's the control arm sway link. That's also what is making it pull to the right. A new one is ordered and I should be replacing it on Thursday.

  3. DBR007

    DBR007 Posting- God

    How many miles are on it? Did I miss it?
  4. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Doh, thought I put current mileage up ... it's just turned 229k tonight on my way home from work. As it sits right now 229,009
    So just about 10k on the timing chain job.

    (sorry about that)

  5. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    stock bottom end and everything? just the chains have been replaced?

    looks like a good solid car for someone, love the mk3 vr's
  6. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Stock bottom end. (as far as I know)

    I ordered all parts through fourseasons tuning.

    - Upper Intake Manifold Gasket
    - Valve cover gasket
    - Engine block Gasket Set
    - Coolant Kit with Alloy pipe
    - Oil Cooler set
    - Low Temp Fan Switch
    - Dual Upper timing Chain kit
    - Sachs vr6 clutch kit
    - Flywheel Install kit (10 flywheel bolts, 1 crankshaft seal w/ tool, 1- main shaft seal 1- throwout bearing guide tube)
    - Water Pump

    had the flywheel re-surfaced when I put it on.

    Changed the coolent over to g12 plus, and will probably flush and re-fill this weekend when I do an oil change on it.

    - driver side axle got stuck in the tranny and cv joint seperated, ordered a new one from GAP
    - New driver side input shaft seal (had to pull the output flange to get the cv joint out.

    Although, I took a bunch of pics of the timing chain replacement and subsequent unexpected trials and tribulations I ran into (cv-joint that got stuck in the tranny for example.) Hopefully it will be able to answer some of your questions and give you some better pics of the car...

    timing chains - Fastdubs of CNY

    I may have missed something I have typed up in the thread (my memory sucks and I don't have time to go through it) Still, just to reiterate this car is not perfect bodywise, but I think the price I'm asking is reasonable for what has been a very reliable daily driver for me.

    I do have some spare parts that I could throw in if someone buys @ 3k (spare drivers axle that needs to be put back together for example...) Upper radiator support, oem lights, mk3 bentley (and what ever else I might be able to find)

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. chemicalbro13

    chemicalbro13 WTB: Parts my brother is probably looking to get r

    did you ever sell the caddy? and if so how much did ya get for it?...oh and good luck with the sale!

  8. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Nah, didn't get really get any other interest other than yours, I'm working out a deal with a kid to trade for 98% of the parts needed to get my GTD project off the ground and hopefully close to finished.

    Sounds like you got a sweet car though, I love the look of the e30's and I think it was a much better choice for you (no rust!)

  9. chemicalbro13

    chemicalbro13 WTB: Parts my brother is probably looking to get r

    yea its in decent shape....wish i had teh money for both cars!
  10. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Swaybar link is replaced.

  11. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Price Drop: Now: $2500 Will be keeping spare parts, bentley, snows and steel rims which would have gone with it @ the price of 3k.

    Swaybar fixed,


    What $50 will buy you now adays

    old vrs new

    almost done

  12. MK3VRsexy

    MK3VRsexy Well-Known Member

    are you willing to sell the e-codes?
  13. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Sorry, I don't have time to part it out.

  14. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    price drop $2200 w/out the skidplate.

  15. Aurora_GL

    Aurora_GL car repair specialist

    40 shipped on the bentley?
  16. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    Sorry, I'll be keeping the Bentley I need it for some diesel info that is in it. Also, i loaned it out to someone who did not treat it like it was their own,(or maybe they did) and it came back to me in a condition that is not how I loaned it out. spine is split on it... pages not tight, etc.

    I learned a lesson though, don't loan out stuff you don't want back.

  17. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    i really want this. but im broke. glws.
  18. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    erm I mean, don't loan out stuff that you do want back.

    I hear bush's incentive checks are coming :newangel:
  19. fuslit

    fuslit Member

    The passat I was trying to sell my car for got sold so the urgency I had for selling my car (and reason I suppose) is no longer apparent...

    figured out what was up with my gauge cluster, new el driver will be ordered this week and the oem lighting is now working correctly.

    Car is no longer for sale unless the price is right.


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