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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rabbit20v, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I wanted to give this a try here.
    Idea is, that everday you take at least one picture.
    Doesn't matter what the subject is and doesn't have to be your best work.
    Just a way to keep improving your photo skills.

    I'll start

  2. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Cellphone pics allowed?

    Oh and that picture sucks, the sky is supposed to be blue. I think your camera is broken.

    I will try to do this even though the next few weeks might be getting very crazy for me.
  3. Matt Danger

    Matt Danger Fullonrapist.

    Are we each supposed to take one photo a day or just 1 person posts a photo a day?
  4. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    any one can post pictures
  5. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I'd rather not :silly:
  6. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Works for me.
  7. Porkins

    Porkins Squealing Pig

    I like it...So i see post processing is allowed then Mr Purple sky??
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
  8. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I kid you not, there is very little PP done to that photo other than contrast
    I'll even post up the orginal file

    But to answer you question
    Yes, Post Processing is fine
    I just want to see some photos
    There are a handful of people on this forum who just got new cameras
    I think this will be a nice way to develop some skills
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  9. Porkins

    Porkins Squealing Pig

    I believe you :fing02:
  10. turbosilly

    turbosilly Shoots pirates w/cameras

    Right up my alley. Just any photos, or only cool ones?
  11. DBR007

    DBR007 Posting- God

    Cool pic, is that a lock?
  12. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    yup. Lock E32

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  13. Porkins

    Porkins Squealing Pig

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  14. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    that dog looks pissed about having his/her picture taken :haha:
  15. Dubinbuffalo

    Dubinbuffalo Banned

    It's just that picture. He's really an attention whore, don't let him fool you. He looks a tad different now
  16. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    Nice pic!
  17. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    nice car :biglaugh:
  18. Suburban Thrills

    Suburban Thrills Mr. Fahrenheit True Love

    I've seen this pup in the ski shop before.
  19. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    I took a B+W photo class at buff state a few years ago. In this project, we had to make a collection of photos that included ourselves. (sorry for the lousy scan)

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