Bad MAF?

Discussion in 'Everything Technical' started by Fightinmike, Sep 26, 2007.

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    Afternoon Gents,

    My girl just got herself a 99 Beetle 2.0, yay for her as long as I dont have to be seen in it. Anywho, about 4 days after her purchase the cel comes on, she got it to the dealer this morning. They replaced the thermostat, and told her the cel code was a p1128, and that the cel was related to a previously fixed hole in her exhaust *caugh*bullshit*cough*.

    So an hour later she's driving home and the cel comes back on. From what I can tell, p1128 generally means bad MAF/MAF sensor. So beyond the obvious of me going with her and brining the technical bulletin of the bad MAFS in 99's, I would like some more info.

    Specifiaclly I would like to know about any testing procedures I can do of the MAF without a VAG-COM. For instance, if anyone can provide me with the proper voltage reading for the MAF at idle and WOT it would be greatly appreciated.

    Any other advice/comments/questions are more than welcome.

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    Very likely you need a MAF insert. You should be seeing about.....and this is from memory, so don't quote me, but about 100-110 g/sec of air flowing through at WOT in 3rd near redline. Idle won't show you much at all.


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