car got keyed...need help/solutions

Discussion in 'Detailing Forum' started by 8valvematt, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. 8valvematt

    8valvematt aka 3.2L 24 valve matt

    so some waste of life decided to share their frustrations and took it out on the Audi this morning.

    The scratches (key marks) do not feel deep with the fingernail test. its contained just to the driver side door and the rear door. about 132 font size. I think it may just need a really good sanding/buffing.

    anyone have a guy or know a guy with paint/bodywork experience that could help us out without me having to break into the insurance?

    Thank you!
  2. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    Zeons, hands down.

    Andy will be able to tell you whether it's a buff situation or paint with honesty. Mention I sent you out.
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  3. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

  4. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    Sorry to hear, Matt.
  5. RoachinRay

    RoachinRay I own a Toyota

    Damn :/ Take it to Zeons in Lockport, he does great work
  6. 8valvematt

    8valvematt aka 3.2L 24 valve matt

    thanks fellas for the recommendations. i definitely considered Zeons initially, but was hoping to stay closer to Buffalo. When the roads get better, ill try to get out there to get a quote!

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