Cruise night at DTRP. Got a customer or two who want to mess around on the 1/8th...

Discussion in 'GTGs and Shows' started by Bracketracer, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    And I couldn't imagine a more interesting evening of people watching than doing such at a country cruise night. Ok, maybe the Erie County Fair.

    Anyway, So far we've got 2 B5S4's (including mine), and 2 E55's.

    Cmon out...get weird, watch weird stuff happen.
    Starts Wednesday at 5 I believe. Probably won't be there until 6.
  2. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    I would be out in a heartbeat in my A4. But I'm getting a new compressor housing and wastegate so the car isn't running. Maybe next week it will be ready.
  3. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    Never been to this shitshow. I should someday.
  4. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    Nor have I. Cya Wednesday.
  5. dyllicious

    dyllicious Waffle House Bacon

    this car is under the knife a lot recently lorge. I am excited for its re-debut
  6. Mike.Mike.

    Mike.Mike. DIRTY DEEDZ

    hrrm. I may have to come out after work.
  7. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Me too. LOL
  8. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    Haenszelllllllllll you need to witness the power of Dunn tire raceway.
  9. squid

    squid No Bozo's

    Matt goes to this every Wednesday. I went once, pretty amusing.
  10. RoachinRay

    RoachinRay Bags&Wheels BRUH

    Just a bunch of people parking old lifted trucks and beat to shit civic and cavaliers around a race track. There is like 4 nice cars that show up every week, but the 1/8th mile races are fun to watch and its the only reason it keeps me coming back
  11. Mike.Mike.

    Mike.Mike. DIRTY DEEDZ

    With my luck.. Ill either drop a trans or axle :(
  12. bloodtypevr6

    bloodtypevr6 BLACK DUDE

    Theres this one guy with a white dodge ram with the cummings diesel. He ran 8 seconds on the 8th. He always only does one pass and leaves everyone in shock. Total sleeper.its fun to watch hondas miss gears because their clutch can't handle the power from their turbo Vtec. LOL.
  13. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Slightly intrigued on what the R might do..
  14. qtroCUB

    qtroCUB Well-Known Member

    Suppose I could take a run out this week.
  15. bloodtypevr6

    bloodtypevr6 BLACK DUDE

    This should turn into a ditb one time get-together. LOL. It would be nice to see some real cars at the track. Haenzel should run the a4 just for shits and giggles.
  16. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    Edited saw what day

    way to anal lol
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  17. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

  18. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    I've got Dadswell's number with me
  19. Haenszel

    Haenszel Posting- God

    Actually went out doin some runs/logging on 219 tonight getting ready to crank it back up to head to the track sometime soon. However, I don't forsee myself running the 1/8th. Too much drivetrain risk with not enough reward.
  20. Mike.Mike.

    Mike.Mike. DIRTY DEEDZ

    Will you be my taxi back to Wheatfield lol?

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