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Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by popchilito, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. popchilito

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    What do you suppose Volkswagen is going to do to fix this situation (granted it could take a few years)? Does anyone have any idea what kind of corrective action VW will take to fix 450k+ vehicles in the US? Do you believe $7.4 billion dollars will be enough? Is it even plausible to think they could retrofit EVERY affected model with a urea injection system or more emission devices or something of the like? Software fix? Even the cars that haven't been sold yet sitting in dealership lots? It seems like such a monumentous task and it pains me (and I'm sure others) that we have a 50mpg torque monster paper weight in our garages and driveways. I love my car it's been extremely reliable and has never let me down, it would be a shame if we had to take a loss and eat 20 grand for something that cannot be used. Will we be grandfathered in to be able to keep registering and inspecting our vehicles to continue to drive them even though they do not meet EPA standards? There just isn't enough information this early on to even conceive what VW is going to do to fix this... Anybody have any thoughts?
  2. Bracketracer

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    For at least a year (likely quite a bit longer), you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Drive the car. Enjoy the car.
  3. jayde1190

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    Idk why tdi owners would want their cars fixed less exhaust gas through your intake system is a good thing.. better longer lasting performance i can understand why ppl who purchased their car brand new would be pissed I'm sure the value of the car dropped significantly but there's manafactures out there selling cars with a lot worse defects then emission cheating software
  4. lorge1989

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    It will be software for some hardware for others. My guess is most of them will be software only and unfortunately if it is software only performance numbers (mpg, HP, TQ) will be reduced in some way. I'm not sure what I will do when the fix comes out.

    And it does suck from a vehicle value point. The tdi name has forever been tarnished and our cars are never going to grab top dollar like they used to. I just plan to drive mine forever and once the DPF gets clogged up I'll take it in for the recall haha.
  5. 18t papa

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    Intersting thought: what if you went in for the recall (assuming its just a software update) then just chipped the car immediately after? You'd have a dirtier, more powerful "legal" car. Sounds like a good idea to me. Do that.
  6. lorge1989

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    It would still throw aa td1 or whatevercode. So I would only consider that after like 100k or so. Either way they can not force you to get the recall so I'm going to play it by ear.
  7. A4 Deja vu

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    This is what I was trying to ask at the strip. Will they make u get the fix and if u don't will they automatically fail u for inspection? I'm curious about that
  8. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    This is what I was trying to ask at the strip. Will they make u get the fix and if u don't will they automatically fail u for inspection? I'm curious about that
  9. lorge1989

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    I just said they cannot force you to get the recall.
  10. jayde1190

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    Unless you take it too a vw dealer for inspection not really any way average joe at a mechanic shop can tell the difference if the car passes smog test, readiness, and visual inspection I have full emission deletes in my mk4 gasser pass inspection every time the only way I can think of that they would be able to tell is if vw supplied all the vin numbers for the affected vehicles and the dmv could look it up so when they plug your car in to check readiness it pops up as an affected vehicle that hasn't been serviced
  11. SuperFan99

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    There's some speculation that once VW has a fix available, if you fail to have the emission system fixed, the state might not allow you to renew your registration unless you provide proof of the repair. Might not happen everywhere, but states that have more stringent emission requirement might go that route(CA and NY for example).

    Jalopnik(iirc) had a breakdown recently of what fixes were going to be required, some of it came out of the congressional hearings, leaks from VW, and some of it was just speculation. The easiest fixes are supposed to start early next year, the oldest cars are likely to be fixed last, as they'll require the most work.

    09-10 TDI's are going to require the most hardware fixes. New larger NOx converter and Adblue, -09 and '10 had the NOx converter and DPF as one part so they're likely be getting a new DPF in addition to the larger NOx converter. That probably won't even start until nearly the end of next year.
    11-14 will be getting adblue and a larger NOx converter. That was potentially going to start in the second or third quarter.
    15 and up is a software only fix, and is supposed to be available early next year.

    There was also some speculation that VW might be offering a some sort of inflated guaranteed trade in value to compensate for lost value.
  12. lorge1989

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    Thats some good info!
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  13. SuperFan99

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    A VW Exec was quoted at the Tokyo Motor Show that they're also considering buying back the older models rather than making the repairs in the US.

    I assume that would only be the cars that will require a NOx and DPF replacement.
  14. sasquatch

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    Sounds like what he is asking is: so they cannot force you to get the recall done, but because it is emissions related. When you take your car for your inspection, especially in more strict states like Cali that actually have the tail pipe sniffers. Also assuming that the inspection system is updated to detect what the car really emits(while not in test mode) vs the required to pass emissions reading. They can say "oh your car does not pass emissions, however the only fix is the update/recall"

    Seems plausible to me

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  15. lorge1989

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    With our current system in new York I don't think they could force you. Cali is a whole other conversation IMO.
  16. 93dx--hatch

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    I've considered picking up a TDI Wagon for my wife, seems like there are some good deals out there.
  17. sasquatch

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    for sure, i believe PA and NJ have sniffers too and are pretty strict. I'm sure NY will be fine but it is totally something I could see happening.
  18. SuperFan99

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    They'd have to have the sniffers attached while driving the car in order for it to fail, otherwise they'll just be getting the cheatmode results. I doubt the inspectors in those states are set up to do testing while the vehicle is in motion.

    Unless the dmv can somehow automatically fail based on database of non-repaired VIN's, similar to having an invalid registration, I'm not sure how else they would do it. If that's the case, VW would have to constantly be updating the various DMV's with data about what cars have been repaired. There'd probably be a ton of development work for each states dmv to be able to do that. Just doesn't seem all that likely the various states are going to want to incur the additional costs. It would be way easier to do it at the registration level.

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