Down pipe, flex and cat on 2002 jetta... new york needs CA standard?

Discussion in 'Everything Technical' started by 82cabby, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. 82cabby

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    Hi gang-
    My son's 2002 jetta needs a new flex pipe, and the cat is cracked. In looking for parts everything says "not legal for CA emission cars licensed in New York State"... ok.... but will it make the car throw a code? I can get it through inspection if there are no codes. Or, even worse, if it works and runs just fine and doesn't throw a code will the dealer throw a fit if I take it in for something else?
    The car is in good shape and only has 59,000 miles (yep, 59k), but i really don't want to drop over $1000 into the exhaust.
    Any suggestions ?

  2. lorge1989

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    It will not throw a code if you put a 48 state exhaust on it. You could probably throw a crap aftermarket hi flow one in there and it would probably be fine.
  3. 82cabby

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    Cool. Thanks man!

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