Dubs in the Buff GTG 2015 - Main Info Thread

Discussion in 'DitB Yearly Show' started by lorge1989, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. mjb8482

    mjb8482 Member

    Count me in!

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  2. orangeMKV

    orangeMKV Well-Known Member

    Wish I could come, have to work and couldn't get it off. Hope you guys get to take some good pictures to post.

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  3. mjb8482

    mjb8482 Member

    Great turnout! Met some great people too. Wish I could have stayed longer. 16 month olds don't have the greatest attention span.

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  4. bloodtypevr6

    bloodtypevr6 BLACK DUDE

    Solid turnout for a first year show.
  5. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Good showing for sure!

  6. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    Great turnout! Way more than I expected, it was nice catching up with so many people too. A big thank you to all the folks who organized and planned this event!

    [​IMG]Classic by
    , on Flickr

    [​IMG]DITB GTG by
    , on Flickr
  7. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Awesome turn out I agree. Really like that last pick Shrives.
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  8. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    You won't believe this, but I think we had to pick up just 3 pieces of garbage. Everyone cleaned up after themselves, it was perfect.
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  9. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Thanks for coming everyone, it was a great turnout with around 200 cars. Thank you so much for keeping the area clean and a special thanks for your donations.

    We hope everyone had a great time.

    We raised $675 for the Graves family and their daughter Cailyn.

    Now we start planning bigger and better things for 2016.
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  10. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    So good, especially that dude in the short shorts.

    Thanks to everyone who put it together

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  11. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    That guy was hott.
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  12. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Nice camera work schrives. Good to see you mang.
  13. mjb8482

    mjb8482 Member

    Great event! Can't wait for next year!

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  14. one.8tee

    one.8tee Well-Known Member

    Definitely a great time! While they're fresh in my mind, a couple suggestions for next year. A 50/50 raffle would be great, easy way to raise more money. And also let's jack the entrance fees up! $5 euro $10 anything else? I put in $5 anyway today but that was definitely worth more than that to me.
  15. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    What an awesome turn out! That's crazy how much money was raised, given that it was only $3-$5 per car!

    Why don't we do this more often? Haha

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  16. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    Some ideas are in the work for next year :)
  17. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    Thanks Xander, great catching up with you as well
  18. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    If anyone post in instagram or facebook if u don't mind to use the #DitBGTG2015 tag that would be awesome
  19. Bracketracer

    Bracketracer DITB Sponsor

    Heh. You'd be shocked at the amount of behind the scenes BS that has to be dealt with.
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