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Discussion in 'Site Information/Suggestions' started by t-rent, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    A new version of software that this site runs on was released today. There have been many small updates along the way that I have passed on in favor of just doing one big update.

    There will be many new features that will come with this new version. I will document the ones that will affect you the most at a later date.

    I will most likely be upgrading the site either today, Tuesday Apr 29, or tomorrow. So if you see a site maintenance message just sit tight. I will try to keep the site maintenance message updated as to the progress and when you can expect the site to be back online.

    If anything changes as to when I will be updating the site I will post here and let all of you know.
  2. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    You should also start noticing some speed increases in the forums. I have just applied some backend updates to improve the speed of things. You should notice this right away, even before the update I mention above.
  3. Sprunch

    Sprunch pinche marijuanos

  4. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Nope. I run vBulletin. The upgrade will be to vBulletin 3.7.
  5. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Well the upgrade become very involved, very fast. Lots of things needed to be changed to make them work with the new software.

    You may notice that the forums look a tiny bit different. I tried to keep them as similar as possible to what they looked like before the update. You may be wondering why they couldn't be exactly the same? Well the person who made the style for the previous version of the site completely stopped supporting it, so it was never updated to work with the new software. So I found this current style that looks pretty much identical except for a different color here or there.

    The DITB Garage is currently offline. I still need to upgrade that to work with the new software. This will be back online shortly.

    I have also noticed that the forums aren't as fast as they were yesterday. I'm not sure if its just my connection or everyone is experiencing a slow down. Please let me know.

    If you have any comments or questions please post them here or PM me.
  6. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    I don't know if this is with anyone else but I have to hit the back button twice to go back a page. Annoying....
  7. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    I think I know what the problem is. Looking into it now.

    EDIT: This should now be fixed.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2008
  8. Kevin72594

    Kevin72594 Well-Known Member

    I like the new theme, it might be nice to bump the font down a pt or 2 though, I know I can do it on my side, but just a suggestion. And I can post now :)
  9. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

  10. willem

    willem Godzirra

    If you need any help... you know where to find me!!
  11. ejg3855

    ejg3855 Eric

    is there a way to take the white box arount the threads and posts part and make it softer on the visual ?
  12. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Most likely. I will see what I can do about that.
  13. DBR007

    DBR007 Posting- God

    Looks pretty good, I dont like how each section tells you how many threads and posts are in each. Is it really needed? Thats my only gripe about the new setup.
  14. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    It had that same info on the previous setup as well. It was just displayed to the right in a small vertical column instead of where you see it now. I don't really care for the way it is now either so I'm going to look into setting it up a different way.
  15. ejg3855

    ejg3855 Eric

    its just too in yo face. thats right in yo face is my 90's refernece for the day
  16. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Background color has been changed. Is it easier on the eyes now?
  17. Kevin72594

    Kevin72594 Well-Known Member

    I like the colors now. It seems like links are colored the same as regular text, maybe a light grey or something for links?

    This is a link

    Added the link so you didn't have to go searching :)
  18. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    Well the setting for link color is site wide. I change it to a dark red. What do you guys think about all the links being red on the site?
  19. Kevin72594

    Kevin72594 Well-Known Member

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