FS: 18x8 Newspeed RSe10 Satin Gun Metal (5x112/ET45/57.1) + Tires

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MkZee, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. MkZee

    MkZee Member

    Click for -> Drop Box Link To Photo Album - URL- > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fcc6lqorfvqnk57/AAAofK_s6CJxeQhap5xK_PEJa?dl=0

    18x8 Neuspeed RSe10 Light Weight Wheel - Satin Gun Metal (5x112/ET45/57.1)
    Tires - VENTUS V12 EVO2 K120
    3/4 wheels are in perfect shape.. I damaged the one wheel while removing them for the winter (nailed it was a wrench while loosening the lug) The tires and wheels were installed 10K miles ago.. the tires that were in the rear of the car could be seen as new tires.. the tires that were in the front of the car certainly have some wear and they pass NYS Inspection.. Photos of the tread life are in the drop box link

    I took these photos quickly since I've been putting this off. Let me know if you'd like better more detailed photos if you're a serious buyer.

    I'm looking for $950 for the set including tires - this set is ready to mount and go!

    email kylezee07@gmail.com or text 716.380.9321
  2. The Noob™

    The Noob™ Active Member

    Yo, how did you like these? I've been looking hard at the same ones only the satin bronze color for my mk7 GTI.

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  3. MkZee

    MkZee Member

    They are great wheels IMO. They also look great.

    I’m selling only bc I lost my job and need to sell my car :/

    I could get you a good deal on these and you could always powder coat them to your liking
  4. The Noob™

    The Noob™ Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your job man. I work at a place on grand island that has some openings. Let me know if you want any more info. How deep is that chip in the one rim? It's hard to tell from the picture. Just curious how difficult it would be to repair/hide.

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  5. MkZee

    MkZee Member

    it looks like a chip in the powder coat, its not very deep IMO

    here is a photo for reference/perspective text me 716.380.0931 if you want any specific photos or what have you

    and thank you for the job info dude! I did get a job and I'm actually going back to finish my degree now with this job and it's flexibility so all is actually pretty great!

    I'm moving soon so I'd really like to sell these wheels haha IMG_0945.HEIC.jpeg
  6. The Noob™

    The Noob™ Active Member

    Glad to hear you got a job and things turned around for you pretty quick. Unfortunately, in-between now and my last post a few large expenses had popped up (Potholes suck). I love the wheels but at this point the highest offer I could go is like 500 which I know is quite a bit less than you were looking for. If that even remotely interests you, let me know but I totally understand if not.

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  7. MkZee

    MkZee Member

    Thanks man.

    I'm sorry to hear that unforeseen expenses popped up.. I'm pretty firm on the price.. the best I'm willing to sell for is 850..

    thanks anyway for the interest
  8. Supraman

    Supraman Well-Known Member

    Are these still for sale.... ?
  9. MkZee

    MkZee Member

    Yeah man. Someone is suppose to check them it today but I’m not sure if he’s 100% committed.

    Feel free to shoot me a text 716.380.9321

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