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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by StrictlyQuickly, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    Koenig Villan wheels: tires trashed, wheels straight, 4x100. 200 bucks for the set. screaming deal!
    ABD one Piece Strut tower brace: slight surface rust, 30 bucks
    Clear front turn signal and fog light set: brand new, never installed, SOLD
    Euro lip spoiler with Bonrath splitter: slightly scraped up, SOLD.
    Factory lip spoiler: ok condition, 10 bucks.
    Voetex Roof rack: sunfaded, 40 bucks
    Intake manifold with intake boot and throttle body: great condition, 20 bucks.
    Wiper rack and motor: good condition, 10 bucks.

    car has not been crushed yet, has 1 year old raceland coilovers on it, if you can swap them out with anything else by friday they are yours for 100 bucks.

    Call me, Josh, at 7167154620.

    make offers, stuff has to go! pics if needed. they are all on the other thread for the car.
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  2. dfonzi88

    dfonzi88 Well-Known Member

    Too bad i'm in florida for the rest of the week. I'll grab those coils from you if theyre still around this saturday
  3. tgrinsell

    tgrinsell Posting- God

    im assuming its a mk3?
  4. Bad Bunny

    Bad Bunny Well-Known Member

    I need the lights. Do you have the middle reflectors too?
  5. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    the lights are aftermarket. they do not have the middle piece. however I have two good condition factory middle pieces in my tool box. those are $25 for the pair. I'll put a pic of the aftermarket ones up. they do need some modification to install. I was always way too lazy to do it.
  6. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member


    wheels, dirty

    wheels, clean and on car, super cool fun time!

    roof rack, all the other parts( side covers, keys, and rubber pads) come with it. just not in the picture.

    intake mani, TB, and boot.
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  7. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    How big are those wheels, 16s?
  8. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    Buy the wheels and get a free VW umbrella!
  9. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    they are 17 inch
  10. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    Give ya ten for the intake
  11. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

  12. Dubinbuffalo

    Dubinbuffalo Banned

    Are the front fenders and trunk any good? I'll take those if they are
  13. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    My ABA is still on my garage floor but I'll get it from you at some point and all I really need is the tube
  14. osiris

    osiris Well-Known Member

  15. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    The car has already been crushed into a cube. Only the parts listed above are left.

    Sorry, about being slow to respond to messages. I'm out of town Monday-Friday. I have no internet or telephone access when I am gone.
  16. StrictlyQuickly

    StrictlyQuickly Well-Known Member

    wheels are sold. Still remaining is the strut brace. will take $10. don't make me have to scrap it for steel. its a quality part. still have the intake $10.
  17. dfonzi88

    dfonzi88 Well-Known Member

    ill take the strut brace. give me call 2453643

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