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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by BlackGTI, Jul 3, 2018.

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    In an effort to de clutter my garage of various VW parts that I’ll never use, I’m offering the following for trades of the IPA kind.


    MK7 OEM Halogen tails off my former R
    Platypus MK7 towhook plate mount
    Helix Programming Dongle
    20- 40 mm ball seat lugs
    10- 45 mm ball seat lugs
    20- OEM size lugs w/ matching black caps
    Uniconnect cable
    MK7 rear view mirror trim piece
    Centric Rear rotors for 2011+ Touareg. Brand new and likely fits other VAG large SUVs.

    Number of IPAs will be dictated by the item and the level of the trade being a pain in my ass. Do me a favor though, don’t bother inquiring if you are a stiff and there a good chance you’ll waste my time.

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