GTI MK5 All speakers suddenly cut out but subwoofer still working

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by g3tbrnsd, Apr 8, 2019.

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    So I have a mk5 GTI that I upgraded the headunit and speakers in back in 2012 or so. Also put in an amp and 10" subwoofer. I started it the other day and the radio was on and after about 30 seconds suddenly all the speakers cut out, but the subwoofer was still working. Any suggestions or ideas of what might have caused this? Since the headunit is from 2012 I wouldn't be all that surprised if something in it blew but I'm hoping it's a simple fix so I don't have to buy a new one
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    I figured out the issue. The speaker in the passenger door was shorting out as it was making contact with the metal of the door. I must have done it while replacing the interior door handle
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    I had a similar thing happen on a Corolla before... Should have thought of that!
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