Hello all! Newbie to your forum here, thanks for having me! i have a 03 gti 1.8T

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  1. 03gtiguy

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    I've had my baby for about a year now and so far ive gotten dual core smic, Apr r1 dv, 3` downpipe (ebay), injection cold air, greddy stage 2 exhaust, just have the custom tune in it and am looking for a little insight, I've been a mechanic for years but have only been working with turbos for 2 years now. I'm pushing about 25 psi with stock ko3s and she is loving it but I blew my cat and my first instinct is to just cut it and straight it, will my turbo stay happy? Also new to tuning so trying to get a grasp on it, Any opinions or wisdom would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!
  2. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Getting a car with no cat is getting harder and harder to pass NYSI.
    While there is software available to ignore the rear O2 sensor readings, the NYSI sees that readiness is not set.
    You are only allowed 2 readiness parameters to not be set in order to pass.
    Sometimes you can get away with just using a rear O2 spacer. This way the O2 is still working, just pulled out of the exhaust system enough for it not to sense there is no cat.
  3. skwerl43

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    You also seem to forget there is a visual inspection. If you have been a mechanic for 25 years you should know that. Also.if you've been a mechanic for 25 years you should know how o2 sensors and the system works. It works the same whether turbo, supercharged, nitrous, or n/a. Not easy to fool unless it's early one also the amount of readiness monitors depends on the year Of the vehicle. Doesn't matter what's ready or not. Sounds like you might be in over your head if you don't know these very basic things. Cutting a cat out of a turbo car will help if it is designed right but if you get caught you are screwed. You have been warned and putting it up on a forum.....not a bright idea.......
  4. skwerl43

    skwerl43 Member

    Btw rabbit20v you shouldn't be getting a car with no cat through and your information is totally horseshit. Don't know who or where you got those little nuggets of stupid but they are wrong. Completely wrong!!
  5. skwerl43

    skwerl43 Member

    If you are a real mechanic not youtube/Facebook certified then you should know the answer to your question. 25 psi on all stock internals and turbo......impressive. Turbo is no different than any other engine If you know what you are doing and how things actually work in an engine. 25 psi on pretty much stock engine with a few bolt one......interesting.
  6. Porkins

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    wow...Well Mr. I've been a mechanic a long time... So when was the last time you did a valid NYSI? Don't be a dick here we've all been doing this for a long time and for a noob to come in here and be an internet dick wont be tolerated.
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  7. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Please, enlighten me.
    I've been out of the car business for 4 years now so maybe my memory is a little fuzzy.
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  8. skwerl43

    skwerl43 Member

    Well let's see....the last nysi I did was yesterday at 3:30. Failed it for safety and emissions. Tried play games with me. Im a noob to these forums not to working on cars and I don't mean YouTube/Facebook certified either. If you are a "real" tech doing inspections I got a friend who probably would love to meet you. I've been working on import/European cars for 20 years so I think I might know what I'm talking about. Not being a dick what you are saying is ouright wrong and illegal. If you are going to give out advice or try to help people at least get it right. Also if you are going to give out advice that is illegal do it where others can't see it. See I could clue my friend in if I wanted and I really don't think if you were a real tech you would want him to come track you down which he could, especially if you are doing bogus inspections, because it would screw the shop you work in, the people with the bogus inspections and also yourself. See he's a facilities inspector for the nys dmv.
  9. skwerl43

    skwerl43 Member

    Cars 1996 and lower check engine light can't be on. Monitors don't matter. Cars 96-2000 can have 2 monitors not set. Doesn't matter which ones. Cars 01- present can only have 1 monitor not set. Again doesn't matter which one. There is a visual inspection where you look to see all emission equipment is in place and not tampered with in any way. That means o2 spacers, cat, sai, etc. Even though on vw/audi you can "shut" certain things off so no light if the vehicle was equipt with it and it's not there it fails inspection. Not to say inspectors turn a blind eye but get caught and it's your ass and the shop that allowed it to happen. Don't think for one second they can't find out who and where that inspection was done. Troopers are especially a pain in the ass. They do know nysi inspection rules they are the worst to deal with. So hopefully that unclouded a few things
  10. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    ^^^ 100% true, not even going to argue that.
  11. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    At the end of the day, there are things you can do to get rid of the CEL but all of them are illegal.
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  12. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Seeing a 25psi initial spike on a drive by wire 1.8T with software is pretty common. But it quickly falls off and holds 15-17psi through the rest of the RPMs.
  13. 944_GASM

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    First off, Welcome 03gtiguy!

    Second, If every shop checked this vigorously, there would be a lot less cars on the road, or worse, lapsed inspections which create no insurance. And I would rather get in an accident with someone who has insurance...

    We just got a car inspected with tints, PBA and state trooper stickers on the windshield, and the same shop multiple BPD/State troopers take their personal cars to. There are a good amount of shops out there that will do it, and it didn't take long to find one - nor do they seem worried about getting in trouble. Not advocating it, but the unfortunate truth is that it's not as serious as you are making it out to be. If an officer is crawling under your car to see if you have 02 sensors, and a cat, I'm sure there is more to the story of why you were pulled over lol

    Now to be clear, anything regarding safety should never be skipped or neglected! But window tint and emissions (on modded performance vehicles)... meh

    Just my 2 cents, and take it for exactly that - Not trying to start anything. And No, I will not say what shop - but it is not anyone on here, trust me.
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  14. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Yeah well you weren't trying to be a dick, but this sure sounds like it. What you needed to say what was below :

    It sounds to me like you definitely know the rules of what should pass and what shouldn't. The thing is, a lot of people who do inspections are not thorough and quite frankly a bit dim. This means you can go in with a car with no cat, the rear O2 coded out so it doesn't throw a CEL (which if I'm not mistaken would be a automatic fail?) and get through just fine. And rabbit20v is furthermore correct in the sense that you can use an O2 sensor spacer to fool the ECU and not have to code anything out. Certainly anyone with an experience and/or gives a damn would smell a car from a mile away that had no cat.... but again the whole give a shit thing....

    Anyways, to the OP you shouldn't be blowing cats out with a stock turbo unless you are dumping a shit ton of fuel or running so lean you are melting the cat, get your tune figured out and put a high flow cat in there after its squared away.
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  15. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    Why is skwerl43 getting all butt hurt? No need to be a dick, we're all supposed to friends here. NOOB.
  16. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Subscribed. Getting popcorn now.

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  17. 03gtiguy

    03gtiguy New Member

    Thanks for all the input! Rabbit20v Im pretty sure you misread buddy, I was looking for a quick remedy just to get to work, I have a new hi flow cat but I had to get to work so did not have the time to do it, I just didn't want to hurt my turbo.
  18. 03gtiguy

    03gtiguy New Member

    appreciate the input! I'm aware of the nysi parameters, I have a new hiflow I was just looking for a quick fix to get to work because I did not have enough time to install it and I just didn't want to hurt my turbo
  19. 03gtiguy

    03gtiguy New Member

    944gazm I appreciate the warm welcome and input, I tottaly hear and understand where your coming from as I am at a shop myself, I have a new hi flow but I only had about a half hour to get to work so I was just looking for a quick fix to get to work without hurting my turbo.

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