Im throwing in the towel here.....

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by Shrives, May 11, 2005.

  1. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    I need a reference on where to go for electrical work on the gti. Its gotta be a shop thatll work with a car with a different motor in it, obv not autohaus, they dont want my beast :p. Please someone send me the hookup, i got my front end on its way, and a hookup with the alternator, so once the front end is situated im gonna get her wired up and runnin, finally. So please, the closer to the southtowns (WS) the better. Lemme know some good shops please.

    cmon the sooner i get this goin the sooner i can bring her to taffys to show you people my flame show, flood the carbs a tad and crank her over, watch the flames shoot out about 10-15"s each barrel :p , just ask woody i burnd her arm with it.

    Thanks, Shrives
  2. schrodiggity

    schrodiggity Well-Known Member

  3. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    ugh dude im going no where with it. Everything is wired up cept for a tiny part of the ignition, which i cant figure out. Everything works, fuel pump, starter, everything, cept i cannot get spark or and signal from the distributor to ignition, or vice versa i dunno. All i know is my ignition and coil is good, but im not getting spark in the plugs/wires. Somethin isnt getting signal somewhere, and i know my ignition is wired up wrong. i dont know how to do it right. once i have spark she will fire up, simple as that. ive been lookin at the same problem for 2 months and im fed up. someone hand me a tissue please. or if someone is very good at wiring i will pay you generously for your time if you can help me make progress. shouldnt be anymore than the ignition, distributor. seriously if i dont have to take it anywhere i wont, lemme know, i will pay you. the only place that touched my baby is athol, and it was just once.
  4. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    dell electric. i'm calling them tommorow for you.
    we'll get the beast runnin....
  5. dex

    dex bear punching


    and you almost gave me a heart attack. i saw the thread title and i thought you were giving up entirely.
  6. Dubinbuffalo

    Dubinbuffalo Banned

    Didn't Athol work on this car for a bit? Why not take it there or are you trying to find a person who isn't gonna charge shop rates?
  7. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    if im free friday ill stop over and take a look at it.
  8. XwalkerX

    XwalkerX fist yourself.

    :eek: [​IMG]
  9. chrisy sdhesive

    chrisy sdhesive Posting- God

    haha priceless.
  10. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Yeah that sounds like a horrible idea.

    Unless your looking for this kind of results
  11. chrisy sdhesive

    chrisy sdhesive Posting- God

    holy sweet jesus! i can afford that!!!!!!
  12. jxaxexgxexr

    jxaxexgxexr Posting- God

    If I were still in B-LO I'd help out, but Im down south now. If you have the necessary wiring diagrams you can figure it out. I had no clue on electrical before the corrado project began, and after staring at schematics for hours, it suddenly clicked and now I am fairly proficient with them.

    It can be done, but requires patience.
  13. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    ok assholes its been over 3 years.. and i didnt start it on fire.. the ignition switch shorted out and 2 weeks after the car went to the junkyard VW posted a recall on it!!!!!!!!... Question: how many statetrooper/kenmore/tonawanda/buffalo/orchardpark/amherest ect police cars have you seen burned up??? none.. i wired half of the police force around here when i worked at FM communications doing the light bars, all the radios, strobes and flashers....not one has had a problem that i know of...
  14. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    thanks jam, lemme know what you come up with
  15. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    nah bro but after last nite at taffys, the itch is at its largest right now, and i have no excuses anymore, so i need to get this moving
  16. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    if he was interested i would deff have him work on it, maybe walker could notify him of this thread for me??
  17. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    i was over there and i helped keith put the motor.trans into the car, alxes, etc into the car, and take the old ones out. thats about it though, and right now they are super busy in there shop so i didnt wanna take it there, if it was still winter i prolly would.
  18. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    come over anytime after 5
  19. Shrives

    Shrives Posting- God

    yea, but when it comes to the point of me just staring at it everytime i go out to try again, i think its time for help. i have the wiring diagram off of people from the vortex who have done this before, but im having a huge brainfart, and wiring is my huge setback in cars. sux i wish you were still local cuz i heard you were the guy to go to for this kinda thing, thanks though

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