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Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by euromut, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Ok, I’m board. so......

    It’s been a long time sense we have done this, and their are plenty of new members.

    Introduce yourself, tell us about your ride, and post up a pic (everyone should have at least one pic of their car(if not get one :twisted: ))
  2. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here


    Im JJ

    this is my jetta. i have made changes since this pic
  3. g60gti

    g60gti Well-Known Member

    Hi, my name is Kevin, and i have a problem. My problem is i could have put a nice size down payment on a house for all of the money i have in my POS! :lol: Anyways, hi, and hope to see lots of new faces this summer. And heres some links to my car, if anyone knows how to host em that would be cool! Thanks.
    Well, those dont work? Sorry to waste your time. JJ, dont u have a pic of my car from a few years back? It looks a lot different from that pic though.
  4. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Been into VW's for over 10 years
    My first Dub was a 82 Rabbit 4dr Followed by.
    72 1300 Standard Beetle (rat)
    66 1300 Standard Beetle (resto custom 1776 rollerbearing)
    65 1300 Standard Beetle (Baja with 914 motor)
    72 Ghia vert (standard)
    61 Bus camper
    77 Rabbit (2.0 16V)
    76 Rabbit (2.0 16V same drivetrain as 77)
    85 Jetta (Rally Rat)
    99 Jetta GLX(Ghetto bumpers, Clear sides,Bee sting antenna, Bilstein Coils, Urathane Bushes, Brembo Slotted Rotors, GIAC Chip, Turn2 CIA and Motor mounts, B&M Short Shift, MoMo Sphere knob, and Sparco Peddles

    Oh, Im also a scooter geek :roll:
    66 Lambretta Li150 Silver Special (in parts)
    68 Lambretta Li150 Special (ratrod)
    92 Lambretta TV175
  5. brilliantyellowg60

    brilliantyellowg60 Well-Known Member

    i live in Rochester, though i lurk here at times

    though the golf now wears the RC's ;)
  6. WullyMamouth

    WullyMamouth Well-Known Member

    I'm Nick - I currently live in PA...but will be home this weekend.
    01 Wolfsburg Jetta with just a few mods...more to come...just bought H&R Sport Springs, Kami Grill.
    Here she is: [​IMG]
  7. no_game

    no_game Posting- God

    Im Adam

    here is the unclean bane of my existence

  8. Airhead

    Airhead Fred Sanford

    I'm Sean, and I have a problem. I own way too many old VW's! I have:
    -'81 Rabbit Pickup (Caddy)
    -'75 Rabbit 2 door with 55k
    -'69 Beetle
    -'82 Rabbit Diesel, the newest inpulse buy. plus my gas guzzler and the other diesel rabbit I'm trying to get rid of. :twisted: I gotta get around to posting pics soon.
  9. adamantairman

    adamantairman Well-Known Member

    I'm Adam, too
    Currently driving 1987 BMW 325is
    Got dre's old rabbit in a garage back home waiting for the turbo motor to get put together and installed
    Also used to own an 87 Renault GT Turbo FWD (God I miss that car)
  10. RocketSLC

    RocketSLC Moderator

    Hey, good idea.
    My name is Dan. I have a 1993 Corrado SLC. Its in many pieces right now, so maybe one day this summer ill get to bring it to a GTG again. Until then i drive a '86 Audi 4000CSQ.
  11. Stelth60

    Stelth60 Well-Known Member

    Dustin here live in Olean NY..... 90 G60 will have pics real soon
  12. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    337, name is Jeller (chris)


    this is when I first got it, need to get some new pics been a while.
  13. t-rent

    t-rent popurhood Staff Member

    My name is Chris, my dub is a GTI 1.8t

  14. XwalkerX

    XwalkerX fist yourself.

    holy shit you own that? :shock: is it the real deal?

    oh and im XwalkerX. my car situation is :cry: or at least till june it is

    ok so this


    plus this


    equals me driving this.


  15. Boovw

    Boovw Stop re-reading this post. It probably doesn't ma

    my name is brad and i got a problem..
    my problem is that it is a 2.0 and it doesn;t go fast and i would post a pic but i still rock winter studs and my new rims haven;t gone on yet
  16. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I'm Steve, I'm sure you've all seen this car before
    [​IMG] :lol:

    I also have a flame throwing 91 GTi 8v
  17. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Boo's Got Gap!
    Will the new wheels fill it?
  18. Boovw

    Boovw Stop re-reading this post. It probably doesn't ma

    haha i love that pic, but i got my 2 inch drop on just before winter, i just need my new rims on, and i just ordered my tires

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