I've never felt so sick in my life over a car.

Discussion in 'Audi and BMW Related' started by DarkkstaR, May 6, 2006.

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    Let me tell you a story about a little yellow A4. Or overweight big A4. Same difference. Anyways...

    If you've never met me or seen my car, I drive a 99.5 yellow audi a4, used to have a K04 and custom tune I did myself. The car is automatic and ever since I bought it, it was the only thing I didn't care for on the car. However I had saved since I was 15 for the car and I was 17 when I bought it, I wasn't big on 5spds and knowing that's what was good. I thought I would be happy with an APR chip and a exhaust and that'd be it, so I wouldn't pop the transmission. I loved the car 100 percent, and I don't care if you don't think it's that great, but I paid for it all myself and wanted it since I was a young bol so it was all good, it put a smile on my face to drive it, and I learned a lot about cars with it.

    As I got more and more into cars from a performance aspect, I made my own K04 kit by tuning the car's ECU myself (made my own chip) for the K04 and put the boat in the mid 14s all myself, with only 500 dollars invested into the K04 and 100 for the BOV I ran (diverter valve, whatever). Writing your own chip as you may not know, is pretty much unheard of and took lots of work on my part. The car ran great.

    I didn't want to do a T25 junkyard style kit for fear I would pop the transmission, but instead my drive for performance made me try and push the K04 hard. It was nice to have a stock appearance car however, at certain times ;) . But soon, pushing the K04 to move the 3200lb automatic car to hit 14.6 came to haunt me. I knew it was going to happen. Pat and I were driving to his house last summer and I heard a wierd clunk...nothing loud, just like the gearbox shifted 2 gears as opposed to 1 at a time...however when decellerating. The car was stuck in 4th, but I parked it at his house 2 mins later and that was it...it came back and all was well. But it did it again a few days later...and those times came sooner and sooner apart. It then happened once, and it never came out of 4th.

    I drove around in 4th for awhile, it was actually quite driveable especially with the amount of torque the car had. Until one day it started to stall and the transmission was officially accounted for and done. I took it to Autohaus and that was it. 2K to get it replaced and that was a deal. No doubt it was a good deal for the job, especially from a dealer...but I couldn't swing that. No way in hell, I was broke. My dad told me that doing it myself was a very dumb thing, and he insisted I took it to BOCES where he works and have it done there. Over and over, argument after argument. It went in September after I gave in, and I found the transmission on ebay for 625 shipped (sick deal).

    For me at the time, it was a way to forget about the problems, and have it come back in a few months all done and ready to be sold. It was an easy way out, and I was to get the car in November and that'd be it. November turned to December, and then I got the car back way later then expected in January.

    Before I picked it up, I constantly told the guys there that a "UNIVERSAL SCAN TOOL!" would not allow you to add the transmission fluid and you would need a VAG-COM (which I offered to them many times) to help them with the job. Instead I was told the car was "ready to be taken home." I instead opted to push it to the flatbed while arguing with the guy that there was no way this car was in a condition to drive. I saw it leaking, and he said it was overfilled when I called him out on it. I'm not stupid. He is though, because he told me a week before I picked it up they had used the scan tool to get it to accept the fluid, and then when I picked it up they said they couldn't read the CEL. Again, I'm not fucking stupid.

    When I got it home, it didn't start. O2 sensors were unplugged in an attempt to swap them (plugs are different for after and pre cat, durrr). Coolant was changed to the green universal shit. Vaccum lines were routed in random ways I would not even be able to imagine. The alignment was so far off there was easily 15 degrees of toe-out. And worst yet...there was less than 1 liter of fluid in the transmission. It was hell. I worked and worked on it, and then I finally got everything done, including a makeshift alignment to move the car. I was happy. I bought myself a Pioneer 6" flip-out to celebrate, install it and tool around in the car for a bit until I could find a cheap 5spd 1.8T to mod out to hell and do what I always wanted to with my auto.

    The car made it into Good-Year of EA and I got a phone call from them an hour later. "What's the trick to starting this thing?" Turns out the battery was dead. A new battery later and it became the alternator in my eyes.

    I was so livid, I lost motivation and didn't touch the car til April. I took it out and took it to be rebuilt, and it turns out they poured that green coolant all down in the alternator somehow. I got a new one and threw it in 2 days ago, finally getting a little motivation over the possibility of a new car. I should just piece this back and sell it, I figured.

    No one wanted to help me today, so I put all the vac lines in and started putting the front end back on the car today. After a few hours I had everything in but the front end and I figured I should probably take it for a little spin before I tie it all down...to see what else could be wrong. At this point in time, I felt everytime I worked on the car and accomplished something, as soon as I thought I was done, something else would break. So I figured I should spin her around really slow, take her down the block and back. I needed it mentally, just to ride in it again, as stupid as that sounds.

    Well, we all know why people put hood pins on their CF hoods. I have a stock hood, but at 15mph it sure did enough damage when it lifted up, bent the hood, and shattered my windshield going down my street. The sound of it was hell and it made me want to throw up. All this work just for this to slap me in the face...nail in the coffin...etc. And my MAF is dead, my turbo oil line seems to be leaking and it took me 2 hours to fight it to go on, and I want to shoot the damn car because I don't know what's coming around the corner. Maybe my eBay transmission is going to fail. Or my alternator I got used. What's next?

    I'm pissed off and that's my story. I'm done with these. Monday I'm going to put a deposit on a new car, fix this and trade it in. If it wasn't for Pat, Madan, my mom calming me down, and my other friends, I probably would have torched my A4 tonight, no joke. The transmission is not the first time this car broke randomly. The transmission may be my fault, but I can't tell you how much I hate going to the dealer to spend 15/litre on trans fluid that I need 9 liters of, or losing a bolt and having it cost 32 dollars. Or the time my hub randomly went and cost 600 and some. Or when my lower control arms failed and the recall "doesn't apply." Or when everyone's trip computer failed and they don't recall em, but instead cost 600 dollars for another faulty one that'll die in a year. Or every VW/Audi having a CEL or ABS light on after warranty. Or seeing my best friend's brand new A4 start on fire a few weeks after he drives it home from the dealer, after fighting to get a car he had cash in hand for since they are so difficult to deal with.

    So between parts costs, unreliability, and the overall experience, you can count me out of Audis.
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    that really sux about the A4, i read that you were doing some crazy things with it on the other forums, just didnt know that you have had so many problems with ur tranny.
    i havnt modded my car because 1. its my DD 2. its only a 12v (no engine mods available) 3. my extra money usually goes to maintain the car! but i love how the car handles, esp in the winter. my dad, who is a die hard ford man, gets the biggest smile on his face when i take him for a ride in the boston hills or on the on/off ramps.
    hope everything works out for ya, just dont disappear on us! btw, what car are you lookin at?
  4. DarkkstaR

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    Thanks man. I did push the car hard, especially since how I got motivated because there were no good tuning options, to make my own which I did.

    They are fun cars and beautiful at that. But it's just not practical to have one for anything more then either a stock DD with lots of maintainance or a modded fun car, but as a second car.
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    Buy a Jap car this time :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    LOL nice read :Fing02:

  6. Zoidberg

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    But come on, how can you beat that?? HOTTT:35: , no jap crap will ever replace IMHO. but anyways, gotta do what you gotta do, hot while it lasted.
  7. DarkkstaR

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    thanks dude.

    this isn't easy for me, it WAS my first car and shit....but it's just too much of a pain to try and take another on.
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    ur not goin domestic on me are ya:saevilw: :naughty:

    sux about ur car bro. i knew some of the story just not the more recent events.
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    How things have changed! My first car was $80. I didn't drive anything like your Audi till about the 8th or 9th car down the line. I'd bet my first dozen didn't cost as much as your first, all combined!
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    i just bought my first audi this past september at 22 after a line of numerous cars with highs and lows. so far mine has been perfect, i've but just under 15k on it. did the timing belt kit replacement (with water pump) as preventitive care. what you're describing sounds like the luck of my corrado. just fixed the lower crank bolt for the 3rd time. it had better stay fixed this time or out with the g60 in with a vr6. i hear ya on the rant, some days you hate em, others you love em
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    wow this was the guy that got me back into vw/audi when i gave up and decided to drive DSM.
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    :( I have to admit, I do love that car. You should just keep it in your garage or something.

    Are you really getting a Saturn Sky though?
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    It's sad to see everyone hates to see it go too.

    Yes, I'm getting a Saturn Sky. I am going to go today and put a down deposit on one.

    Like I said somewhere else (nyspeed maybe), it's a 2 seater roadster that's been the only affordable competition to the Miata for me. I don't want an S2000 and the M roadster is not for me. Grassroots Motorsports picked the Solstice (same as Sky) over the Miata in a recent issue, and they are the only unbiased car magazine out right now as far as I'm concerned.

    Regardless, I'm too pissed at my A4 to enjoy another A4. I'm not happy with the performance of a car of it's weight and size, and it would take too much money for me to make it into something I would enjoy as much as I would a 2 seater..and that's money in mods I would never get back. The Sky is a car that I'm sure a bunch of people are not going to like because it's badged as a Saturn (it's an Opel GT), but I don't give a fuck what people think. I just want a car I know will put a smile on my face, and I will have a warranty with customer service that isn't Schmidts. A 2 seater roadster is the type of car I feel will make me happy, and I'll buy another car in the future for a DD/winter beater, so my fun car isn't my get-to-work car, I learned that doesn't work ever.
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    Your comparing apples to oranges...

    But good luck with the new car..:veryhappy
  15. DarkkstaR

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    I know - definately am.

    It's just that my wants have changed in the course of 3 years I guess.
  16. StraightDubbed

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    from a audi to a saturn?

    Its ur choice and whatever makes you happy but :scratchch
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    aw donny. im sorry bout the audi.
    it wasnt my choice in the first place to sell the rocco (you know how i love my yellow car, too) but im stuck now and shes gotta go.
    i feel ya.
    and let me tell you, warrenties rock as does reliability.
    looks like we're all Traitors in the Buff.
  18. Minglor

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    we should make a list of people on dubs that still own vws...
  19. rendyx

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  20. DarkkstaR

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    What's confusing about dropping an unreliable 4 door for the closest competitor to the Miata since the S2K?

    You VW guys would be shitting the bed if I told you I imported an Opel...same thing.

    Regardless - I'm happy. see some of you tonight.

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