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    I picked up a decent E46 project awhile ago. I haven't had much time to work on it. It has an issue with the DBW so I'm digging through the harness and such. I tinker with it a few minutss in-between customer cars every so often. So I can't really be called a BMW driver.

    Working on BMW's is a bit of insanity, when you're used to working on Audi's that is. You would think that they would share some common ground in at least a few areas, but they don't. I've gotten used to that, but you can't call me a BMW enthusiast.

    However, now you can call me whatever you like. I have/had a customer with an E46 that was pretty well used. It runs great, but it was at rhe point where I advised him, labor is going to start to consume large chunks of his bank account. I told him a Ford Focus might be down his alley.

    He took my advice and bought an Escape. I think that was a perfect choice. So.....I ended up buying his E46 for a Winter car and donor for mine. It's an xi so it should do fine. The bar is low, so if it makes it rhrough Winter or at least till the plow truck transmission is fixed, great. If not, the donor process will begin.

    I piked it up last night and yeah, it's got a lot of noises. The interior is great and it runs like a top, but the drivetrain will need some TLC. But it's got plates and It's the DD so yes I am now a BMW driver.

    It was dark when I picked it up. Maybe a good thing so I didn't have to look at the body. I'll post a pick ir two later. It's not really news, but.

    Hmmmm, I've got some coilovers. Maybe jack it all the way up? Roll the fenders and put o some over sized studded snows? Sounds like a plan.
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