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  1. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    I do 95% of my own alignments and have been using pieces of granite tile with grease between them for years. Found these on craigslist for a good price. Hunter turnplates, needed a little love.


    Sand blasted everything.

    The inner springs were rusted and needed to be replaced. So I made some new ones:



    Zinc plated the springs and center piece as a unit so the zinc could get inside the spring windings.

    Replaced all the delrin rollers

    All finished, added handles and lock pins:

    Yah, I know, I'm a hack! :p

    Total parts in repairs ~$20, New american made Hunter turning alignment plates $$$
  2. BlackGTI

    BlackGTI Well-Known Member

    Love the plating rig :).
  3. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    how does that plating work? Block of zinc is the cathode and material plated is anode? Just use a 12v supply? How long does it take?
  4. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    Excellent. As usual!
  5. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    I've been doing mine with plates and tapes for a bit now.
    This looks better than that
  6. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    Plating requires zinc electrolytic solution. I made mine out of powdered zinc dissolved in hydrochloric acid and ammonium chloride in pure h20. The the zinc is the anodes and the part to be plated is the cathode. The part is degreased, pickled in hcl, then plated. Usually takes 20-40 minutes depending on how thick you want the plate. You can not rush it otherwise you end up with "fuzzy" zinc that does not adhere well. Low and slow..... If I have little parts I have a power supply that will put out almost 2 amps if it large stuff I have to use a battery on a battery charger with nickel chromium wire to bleed off some of the load.
  7. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    These are sooooo much smoother. I am also in the process of making a laser toe and track system...I will post when I get it done.
  8. 8valvematt

    8valvematt aka 3.2L 24 valve matt

    incredible... nothing less expected! if your ever up for another challenge, i have a Touareg that needs a timing belt soon.

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