MKV R32: Temporary loss of power and fuel smell

Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by KurtCav, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. KurtCav

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    I live in NM. It's been excessively hot here this summer, 95+ daily for the past 2 months.

    Yesterday while I was driving I noticed a weird feel in the accelerator pedal. Almost like a mini-misfire. It was intermittent. Maybe did it 6 or so times in a 10 minute time span. My wife couldn't feel it in the passenger seat but I definitely felt it through the pedal. There was no MIL light during or after the incident.

    We get home, she gets out on the passenger side and there was a strong fuel smell (tank, filler, and filter are on that side). By the time I got the car up in the air and the rear passenger tire off and fender liner out the smell had dissipated (probably evaporated due to the high temperature). There were no noticeable leaks. No dripping. Before I had it in the air I definitely smelled fuel underneath the car around the rear passenger side. I opened the hood and didn't smell or see anything in the engine bay.

    I found this recall:

    I called VW customer care and they informed me this recall of the fuel tank ventilation valve was performed back in 2009 but the symptoms explained in the recall are exactly what I experienced. I verified the recall was done using my VIN number search on NHTSA's Safer Car site.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? I can imagine that although the recall was done 7 years ago, it's still possible for this ventilation valve to fail. Especially because the recall states high ambient temps are a factor.

    I have a legit VCDS but have not scanned it yet. Wife is off today so I took her car. I plan to go home, scan the car, and try to reproduce the issue before taking the fender liner out again.

    Other advice? I have the means to do my own work but if I have to do something like drop the fuel tank I'll probably take it in.

  2. KurtCav

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    I could not reproduce the issue last night after a spirited 20 minute drive. It had rained earlier so ambient temps were ~80 instead of ~95.

    I pulled the rear seat bench and checked the fuel pump access panel. Nothing. Scanned it with VCDS. Nothing.

    I'm probably just going to order the N80 evap purge valve that was recalled and replace it. The symptoms in the recall describe my situation perfectly. I had considered removing the evap system completely but remembered I'm not a 1.8T kid anymore.
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  3. rabbit20v

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    It is still possible for a recalled part to fail again.
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  4. KurtCav

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    Especially a 7 year old one.
  5. lorge1989

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    Big turbo it, and remove the cat. Will mask the raw fuel smell.
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  6. KurtCav

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  7. KurtCav

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    Just an update in case anyone is having the same issue and finds this thread...

    It's not the N80 valve that was replaced during the recall. It's a different valve and the kit P/N is 1K0298111A. Step-by-step in instructions on how to replace it is found in the TSB here. Note that a VW tool is needed to remove the locking ring on the fuel tank door, T10202. I updated the vortex thread with this info as well.
  8. vdubgod

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    Hey Kurt,
    I'm sure you've sold this piece by now but I have a question. I also own one of these MK5 garbage heaps and I have the same issue as you describe. It used to be only when it was super hot out but now it does it when it gets to 70 degrees or more. I also had the recall done, but not really. It said it was done but I found that it wasn't. I was able to replace the valve myself but I still have the issue. My question is, did replacing the valve clear your issues when you had this hunk of junk?

  9. lorge1989

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    I actually think that he does still have this. Maybe he will respond lol.
  10. vdubgod

    vdubgod New Member

    I hope so. I've tried everything I can think of. I even temporarily opened the tank to vent to atmosphere and it still does it. I will clarify I don't get fuel smell or fuel coming out after I did the recall but I get the hesitation after a longish drive. I can hear the pump struggling (all 3 brand new ones I replaced did it) and then there's like a bubbling noise you can hear coming from the tank if you listen outside the car on the passenger side in front of the rear wheel.

    The fuel tank is no longer available or I would just put in a new one.
  11. lorge1989

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    I poked him on FB. He will hopefully see it now.
  12. KurtCav

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    So I actually still have this car. I tend to keep my cars until someone else totals them. These guys can verify that. For the record this car has required way less attention than my old 1.8T.

    I never ended up changing the valve. I planned to but it just became lower priority. The issue never came back for me but we've never had a summer quite like that since.

    I am assuming you read the vortex thread. It sounds like you are having a related but different issue now. The fuel smell was a distinct indicator for this particular issue.

    On more than one occasion with this car two things had failed at the same time and I had thought the symptoms were related but they weren't. Take that into consideration when you're trying to diagnose this. The car is 12 years old.

    You said you have hesitation on a long drive. Is it from a stop or when you're cruising at speed? When is the last time you performed other standard maintenance (to rule it out)? Fuel filter, spark plugs, coil packs? Sounds like there is some pressurization issue based on your description about sounds, etc.

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