My 1983 Porsche 944 LS Build

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  1. 944_GASM

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    Small update for this Monday morning :

    Was able to drop the motor out of the 944 this weekend. Wanted to bring it up and over but the motor had different plans for me. If removing from the top, you need to separate the bellhousing from the block to get the room. I could't get that sucker to separate after removing all the bolts and was about to lose my mind, before finding the problem. Where the reference and speed sensors are located by the flywheel, there is a bracket that holds them, connecting the bellhousing and block. I couldn't get a allen key in there, so I decided to just drop it...

    After removing the 4 bolts for the crossmember, she basically broke apart from the torque tube and dropped with no problems. All I did was drop it onto some cardboard and got my free workout, pulling it out from underneath ha.

    Currently playing musical motors and transaxles in my garage with the 2.5 Porsche motor, the LQ4, and two (2) Porsche Transaxles. I will be putting the LQ4 on the engine stand to start swapping the F body accessories, along with the intake, oil pan, etc. Looking to just dump the 944 Engine and make a quick buck (anyone need one?!), and going through the transaxles.

    I hope to drop the last two remaining items on the car, which is the torque tube and the complete rear suspension, this week.
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  2. 944_GASM

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    So thought I’d give a brief update on my build. I was FINALLY able to remove the torque tube from the car. After a few days of swearing and using a pry bar, I was able to drop the complete rear suspension and get it out. I will be sending this complete unit to a 944 Guru who rebuilds these with “super bearings”. More or less, the 944 came with 4 bearings in the torque tube, that over time wear, and it is a NLA part, so rebuilding manually is the only option. With the “super bearings”, they are almost 3x as wide and can support higher torque ratings. They bead blast and paint the whole unit as well, so I am excited to see the final product.

    Since I recently bought snow tires, had them mounted, and received an alignment for the Envoy, I haven’t really purchased too many more parts. I did find a C5 bellhousing that I couldn’t turn down, so I sniped it on eBay and received that a couple days ago. It’s in great condition, but I will blast that as well, since some aluminum “rust” is visible.

    In my downtime, I decided to make some drawings for a couple conversion adapters that I will be outsourcing for a machine shop. Since these parts purchased online are about $500, I thought I could do them for a fraction of the price.

    The first part is a C5 bellhousing, to Porsche Torque tube, adapter. This is the more precise of the two, since the center hole, and both mating surfaces, need to be exact. I added as many dimensions as I could and came out with the below drawing. Since I will using aluminum, I might coat that, along with the bolts, so that no bi-metal reaction occurs.

    The other piece is just a pilot bearing adapter, fairly simple, and I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one lol as you can see from the pic.

    Hopefully as the holidays roll through, I will purchase more conversion parts/suspension upgrades. Some suppliers are having killer deals, so it is hard to pass them up.
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  3. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Why are the parts so expensive? How did you get your dimensions?
  4. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    So as far as the expensive parts, I have no idea. Here's a link: that shows some of the parts needed and the 2 that I am making. I would love to fabricate some tubular motor mounts, but I am not to that step yet. The $500 oil pan is really going to hurt buyig, but hopefully someone will be getting rid of one.

    As far as the dimensions, there are some "generic" guidelines across the forums, but I have the torque tube and C5 Bellhousing, so I was able to get a pretty good understanding before creating the part. I'm fortunate enough to have AutoCad and Solidworks readily available to me at work, so I can spend some time making sure everything aligns.

    I am pretty excited because I just found a lead on a couple 10hr used parts that I will grabbing. He has a Spec lightweight flywheel and Pressure Plate that mated with a stage III clutch, but I don't really want to run that on a street car. I will most likely just purchase a Stage I or II from Spec directly. He also has some local made headers and then a dual master cylinder brake setup for sale. Couldn't really say no to the price, and have heard that manual brakes aren't too bad on these cars.
  5. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    Small Update:

    Bought some parts! That was it and here they are.

    Picked up a SPEC lightweight flywheel and pressure plate along with a Stage III clutch disc. I probably won't install the stage III but spoke with the owner of SPEC, and he priced me for a Stage I that will be suffice for my application.

    Also picked up a manual, two master cylinder, brake setup. I might have to change the sizes as I go but my brake setup will be similar to the previous owner. Basically this is just 2 Wilwood MC's that are 5/8 and 3/4, one for the front and one for the rear. Fronts push a bit more pressure for the Wilwood 4 piston calipers, but the rears are stock 2 piston Porsche calipers.

    Last but not least, I have my custom headers and Y-Pipe. These are ceramic coated headers that are connected to a 3.5" collector and then into a 4" Y-Pipe (might be 3.5", haven't measured yet). I will run this straight back through a Borla XR-1 muffler before leaving the car. Or at least that's the plan.

    Hopefully I can get into the garage since I have about 2 weeks off with the holiday!
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  6. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    This think is going to be loud as fuck.
  7. JKaczor

    JKaczor Well-Known Member

    I've got a borla XR-1 and borla resonator on my GTI, sounds awesome. My friend had 2 borla XR-1's on his 2.7 which also sounded awesome. They're expensive but super worth it in my eyes, good choice! But yea, it's going to be loud as fuck lol.



    I've always wanted to do this swap, can't wait to see/hear it all done.

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  8. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    Thanks! Yeah I've seen great feedback from that muffler, along with it helping to not sound like a truck for the LS platform.

    I am dynamat-ing the entire floor and hatch, so hopefully that'll drone the outside noise (some). Interested in other options if anyone knows a way of dampening noise without breaking the bank. I plan to pull the carpet over the holiday break here and re-dye it. Also, found some similar vinyl for my cracked dash to replace.

    I'm totally okay with loud as fuck, for now haha Down the road, I might do a cutout switch or something, depending on how many tickets I get.

    Let me finish my swap and I'll let you know if you ever want to do it or not lol Then again, the way I'm handling it, is not normal. To just throw the motor in and keep everything else fairly stock is not a big overhaul. But with a complete overhaul where every part is practically new, then it gets tough. But there are a ton of great forums out there that help immensely.
  9. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    Completed some minor aesthetics during my time off of work for the holidays. Went back and forth with getting a new carpet, but for the $700 that they want, I explored other options. I read some posts from some people just dyeing the carpet back to original, if the carpet was use-able, so that's what I did!

    I initially went to Walmart to just see what they had, and came home with a couple bottles of 'Rit' @ $3 a bottle. Now since this was used for clothes, I had to improvise my mixture. I wanted a dark, true color, so I mixed a fairly heavy 1 to 1 ratio of dye and hot water, in a spray bottle. The directions were saying to use a teaspoon to a gallon of water, but I felt I wouldn't get the dark brown that I wanted. Well my way seemed to work and here are the results.

    I still have the lighter carpets to do but you can already see the difference in the ones that are dyed brown. It literally looks right out of the factory, and it hasn't flaked off or damaged the original texture. Very pleased and recommend it to anyone! The brown ones were originally the nasty faded/stained.

    With the car stripped, I'm hoping to check all the wiring, upgrade the speakers, and clean/ lay dynamat.
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  10. corolon

    corolon Member

    I'm a really big fan of Porsche but I could probably never afford one :p
    It would be great if you could post more pictures. It looks like you've put a great deal of effort into this car. Congrats!
  11. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    Thanks! 944's can be found for a steal if you do some looking, don't be discouraged!

    I suppose I should do an update on here, since I haven't in awhile...

    I'll start with the interior - and it's still gutted! lol I have been waiting for a good deal on some polyken 360 tape, but have yet to come across any, will most likely bite the bullet shortly.[​IMG]

    Next up, rear suspension - I have it fully removed (obviously), and have taken it apart for sandblasting. More or less, everything you see will be blasted and powder coated grey, and the spring plates will be yellow zinc coated. I have all new powerflex bushings for main pivot points and then some elephant racing polybronze spherical bushings for the spring plates. The old sway bar and torsion bars are out, and the new ones you can see on the first page. I will also be sending out the rear half shafts to be made from chromoly and then grabbing some Empi cages to strengthen the driveline. Also picked up some Koni sports for the rear, they were a must have. Other miscellaneous things will be wheel bearings and e-brake overhaul, just haven't gotten to it yet. [​IMG]

    Last but not least, I received my bellhousing adapter plate, and had it test fitted on both the torque tube and C5 bellhousing. Everything looked great, so I am just left with purchasing a throw out bearing and I should be ready to attach the drive train together. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I actually just purchased my first income property (a duplex), and have been really caught up in that and starting the moving process, so progress is slower than anticipated, but I am still plugging away with little time I have. Hopefully I will be at the new place in August, and if anyone is looking for a upper to rent in North Buffalo (Right off Hertel), let me know! haha

    ** I saw my "new" neighbor had a new Black A3 in the driveway so maybe someone on here?!?! (Norwalk ave) **
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  12. 9016VB3

    9016VB3 Well-Known Member

    Nice work on the 944

    Where on Norwalk, just out of curiosity? I grew up at 17x, and my brother still lives in the house. Between my parents and brother, we've been there for almost 40 years. It's great to see how far Hertel has come over the years, and it's wild how much home prices have gone up in North Buffalo.
  13. 944_GASM

    944_GASM Active Member

    I'm going to be at 196 Norwalk. And we have seen a lot of homes that have residence for 20+ years, which is great to see. Hoping the homes continue to grow in value! lol but we looked all over in North Buffalo, and this area seems to be the best all around, although the prices are high; the taxes are low.

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