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Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by wolfsburgpete, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. wolfsburgpete

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    I just bought a 91 4 door fox, great shape, 57,000 miles(bought it from my cousin who was the second owner)body is mint except its missing door molding on one side.New clutch,new exhaust, and new computer, needs rear brake cylinders, imagine that. I'll post some pics tommorow, not that anybody cares, but i've never posted a pic and i'd like to.
  2. Boovw

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    put in a built 16v or vr
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    i wouldn't take any car advise from brad:D :D :D
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  5. chrisy sdhesive

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    i <3 fox's. i almost bought one instead of the rocco off a little old guy in syracuse.
    pimp that sheat.:p
  6. Local Vandal

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    Bad advise.

    Congrats on the car.
  7. Dos Jotas

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    I have seen a carbed 16v in a fox before. waterfest 04:

    congrats on the purchase. my first car was a fox. i guess it got me started on this vw thing. or it could have been the ride home from the hospital in my moms '74 super beetle in '82, i don't know!
  8. wolfsburgpete

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    It's just a second car, but its always fun getting new old cars. I actully did all the maintance on this car for the last 3 years. So it's not really like getting a new old car, now it just happens to be mine.
  9. Airhead

    Airhead Fred Sanford

    Cool, and thats rediculously low mileage!
  10. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

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