Need Powder Coating?

Discussion in 'Detailing Forum' started by Rovert, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Congrats on the promotion!
  2. Rovert

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    thanks guys.. i had every intention on getting something going for this winter but my schedule now is different every week, and sometimes i have no idea what im doing on a day to day basis. i also haven't had much money to toss around or much time to play. im still hoping to get get a setup large enough for wheels- because my aristo's are terrible black paint and i would love to shoot them charcoal metallic or something sweet. and i have 3 Denver's that ill try some colors out on and possibly some different oven rigs. again don't wait up on me but when i get my shit together i should be able to do sets of wheels for a very solid price and an all around a quick turnover. took my bike apart, PC'd some parts and had it back together within 2 hours. possibly Saturday i can get to home depo and/or lowes and get some oven building materials.

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