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    What's up fellas new to group... Audi guy. I own a 2010 b8 a4 with the 2.0 turbo. Mostly stock right now just bought it. A few of you guys in here might know me. Justin miller. I had the 2003 b6 a4 that had the 3. Slow in it and I swapped in the 2.7 twin turbo... Well I sold that. And bought this about 2 months ago. Gunna build this one as well. I'll make a thread if that's cool or a YouTube thread! But ya...hope to meet some cool audi guys this summer
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    Yes, we like build threads!
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    Pics needed and welcome
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    This. Hi
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    Right now I have crappy pictures of my b8 but I'll post some now...and then as soon as the weather breaks I'm gunna start a thread because I'll be doing this shit *** right away
    Like as soon as I can get outside and under it or if any dubs in the buff guys are cool and have a garage I can use for day!!! That be sweet but this is coming within a few weeks already have the parts been buying all winter

    -BC racing /br adjustable coilovers
    -RS style black mesh grille
    -plastic dip (black) out all the chrome on entire car
    -xcentex 10k deep blue hids
    -*** C STYLE carbon fiber wing..its like a tiny little carbon fiber lip wing for the trunk to match==
    -carbon fiber front lip splitter
    -Carbon fiber rear diffuser BUT.. Its got the quad tips and my car has the single exhaust.. So until I buy the 16601magnaflow cat back I want I can't install the rear diffuser yet.
    -ecs tuning rear differential mount

    THAT STUFF is in the garage. Waiting to be applied. And then what's coming next with tax money is..

    -stuck between 19x9.5 niche rc7 offset 45 rims or alzor 084 19x9.5 offset 40 with 5mm spacer in the rear ET35 in the rear for the little wheel pop
    -K&N typhoon air intake.
    -forge diverter valve
    -carbon fiber triple guage pod for the driver side pillar with blue to match headlight gauges as follows/ 1-boost. 2-air fuel 3-oil pressure. And then 1 vent gauge also blue to match headlight will be oil temp.
    -a few other carbon fiber trim pieces.

    And then from there I'm looking into my options for some engine mods. There are parts out there but I honestly see that the picks are slim. I see the block is rated for almost 400hp..which is great. So I'm leaning more tward like a unitronic stage 3 kit... Or an Apr stage 2 tune* with like a gt38 or something Similar and a few supporting mods. But this summer almost all of my exterior mods will be done. Interior mods will deff 100% be done. And then slowly I'm gunna build the engine but like I said at this point I'm not sure which way I wanna go so if there's any b8 2.0t guys That read this I'm open to opinions could use the help. But here's some pics for now from the dealer and getting it home. It also spent its ENTIRE LIfe in Florida ... Besides the last 47 Days its been in buffalo!
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    How do you post pics to a thread??? Lmao
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    I'd fix your pictures, but I can't access you're Flickr in order grab the right image address.
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    Ya I don't know what I'm.doing trying to learn
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    How to post photos from Flickr.

    1. Find the "arrow" that is pointing to the right, it should say "share photo" when you hover over it.
    2. It'll pull up another window, find the tab that says BBCode.
    3. Select the size of the photo you wish to post.
    4. Copy the entire link it gives you above the Size Selection.
    5. Paste the link into your post.
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    Fellow B8 owner here. Welcome.


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    I got Apr exhaust and Apr air intake i love it sound good with acceleration

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    I've got a b8 A5 2.0 with intake k04, and full exhaust! So I may be able to help if you need it!

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