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    whats up guys new to an 01 b5 a4 recently figured id look around here and see whos into the ecu tuning. i need a few things coded out and a tune to raise the boost up from stock levels for now until i get a bigger turbo soon. im not new to tuning i have used megasquirt for years on my mazdas that ive moved on from finally. but i would like to know if anyone around here can show me around the motec ecu so i can do it all myself eventually. i understand something about needing to convert tables over from hex or something maybe? but if anyones bored and likes to help people learn id be more than grateful i have a 20 year back round in automotive and about 10 years with megasquirt so id shouldnt be that i can watch all the videos i can find but its way easier if i actually have someone to ask . but ya sorry for the ramble, maybe ill run into what im looking for here. thanks guys
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    budsdubbin and Breakout Motorsport are going to be your go to for that type of stuff. BTW that generation of Audi runs a Bosch Motronic ECU.

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    yea i meant motronic that was a long but ya ill have to ask them what they can show me, i dont think ill really have a problem figuring most of it out myself but id rather have a hand with it. all the stuff i want to delete i figured out i just have to get the tables or files and change them to 0 so they dont run and show passed. its not much different than some things i did in megasquirt with commenting out lines to not use the commands basically. ill have to make a post in a different section to see what i can find

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