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Discussion in 'All other Euro Cars' started by Boo$teDB5.5, Aug 7, 2017.

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    So some of you may have noticed I have put my GTI up for sale (feel free to make an offer...) and the whole reason is because I picked up a 1986 Porsche 944T and will also be getting a truck for a daily (less exciting). I have always been in love with these cars, and finally was able to make the move to get one. The car has 130k miles, a chip from lindsey racing, a long list of maintenance records that I have to fully sort through, but for the most part other than the chip it is stock. I plan on enjoying it as is with making some little fixes to it that I have noticed just as a break in period for me and take it from there. See pictures below! The color is Copenhagen Blue which is said to be a pretty rare color.

    P.S. - I hate the carbon fiber wrap on the sunroof and headlights. Apparently it was added to hide the fiberglass cracking on the sunroof which is a standard thing that happens. The headlights might have been little accents?
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    Looks good! The turbo's are a lot of fun - and the way to go for a bit of moderate power.

    Throw some clear 3M film or any other ppf brand, to protect those fog lights. Non-cracked fog lights on the 951's / S2 are becoming far and few between and can run close to $300 for one.
  5. Boo$teDB5.5

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    Thanks man! Yeah I knew going into this it wasn't the most powerful engine and wasn't always known for extreme reliability but I have always been drawn to them. I figure if I want to I could pretty easily get close to 300hp out of it and make it an even more fun car to drive. Other than some easy mods I don't foresee pushing any real limits. And if it goes really bad with engine reliability I could always put an LS motor in it....

    Thanks for the tip on the fogs, I want to keep those in good condition since I don't want to spend that to replace them.
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    Looks a good car, i'm currently looking to pick up a 944 soon but starting with a n/a model for an engine swap. Just slowly gathering parts to do it currently.
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    Checked this thing out in person yesterday, the pictures really don't do it justice. Paint is pretty amazing.
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    The reason why I held out for a turbo versus an NA is because of all the upgrades that were made on the car to make it into a turbo. There is a good poster out there that shows the differences. Therefore if I did ever perform an engine swap or big turbo I would have less to upgrade. Plus I love the styling.

    Thanks for the kind words George. I think it still needs a wash before Sunday.
  9. vw to bimmer

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    Very nice! Always wanted a turbo model. :cool:
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    So much truth in that statement. I'm sure if you've seen my LS swap thread into a N/A 944, you'll see exactly what you said. Between the brakes, suspension, and transaxle - the turbo's are the best model to add the extra power too. But since I am redoing everything, it wasn't too big of deal... (shrug). ha
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    Nice! Can we see it in person at the Dubs in the Duff GTG sunday?

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    I will be there!

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