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Discussion in 'Featured Cars' started by dyllicious, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. BIG E

    BIG E brĂ¼tal.

    LOL that is funny. I wonder how they got that picture, it was from the feature car photoshoot from stevie and porkins. I really miss that car, I kinda wish sometimes I kept it and kept going.

    PS I did'nt have S4 brakes...zapped!
  2. bloodtypevr6

    bloodtypevr6 BLACK DUDE

    You should have trademarked the car. They would owe you a check. Lol
  3. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    i wish i could go back to running a skatepark and not having a real jorb. i also miss this car.. one fine black booty
  4. Porkins

    Porkins Squealing Pig

    Interesting and kinda cool...I think thats a Steve shot
  5. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    They're a forum sponsor. My guess is they did a screenshot based on the resolution.
  6. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    ^ agreed. if you dig around i let trent and the tr .:R in for a photo shoot with steve and this day i think duane and i were just doing are normal vw mini moto in the park, theres an awesome photo somewhere of jack doing a 1/4 to bank gap over his white mkII after we snapped this of the a4 :) such good times
  7. dyllicious

    dyllicious Waffle House Bacon

    thats grinders right? If so I broke my rib there
  8. Rovert

    Rovert Young Steak... aka Veal

    Nah this was the west Seneca B3
  9. dyllicious

    dyllicious Waffle House Bacon

    oh i never made it to that b3. I always skated the one in wheatfield.

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