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Discussion in 'Audi and BMW Related' started by lorge1989, May 6, 2016.

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    Wow, they are much heavier than I thought. I was thinking 3...
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    My '88 from the factory was unde 3000. With the stripped out chassis, I'm probably aroudn 2600. This ones, from '94 is 3400 ish from the factory. The V8 doesn't add any weight really, I replaced a cast iron v6 block with an aluminum V8. I'm sure I could shed some weight if I got rid of the procon ten, ac and other stuff. For now though I'm going to try and keep the AC and get some light wheels.

    Or we just drink beer and grill.
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    I like drinking beer and grilling. I'll bring the Doritos
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    Tore up a belt:


    Had to buy the cam locks tools, ugh. First thing noticed was that the engine was way out of time. Glad I bought the tools.


    Had a hell of a time getting that crank bolt out. My impact wouldn't do it. Made a fork looking thing that grabbed the internals of the balancer. First 'tool' I made:


    Ended up welding a 2x3x.25" piece of rectangular tubing in its place to hit the ground and hold the balancer, while using about a 7 foot breaker bar. Finally it broke loose. Not before taking one of my breaker bars with it though. What a pain.


    A timing belt cover fastener had fallen behind the balancer which is what caused my failure in the first place. :shame:

    Next day, Eddie found that the balancer on these things gets messed up over time and doesn't truely reflect TDC. So manually checking TDC, confirmed that the motor was probably originally in time and we made it out of time.

    Fixed that and few more things....

    Coils 7 and 8 were switched in this vid, so it still wasn't running great.
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    Made it to Carlisle and back!


    Considering I didnt drive it on the highway since last September before we left, the fact Eddie and I had no real issues was amazing. Lots of cool stuff at the show.
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    Nice! wondering when I'll get to see this thing in person


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