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    Been working at a few things to get the 90 ready for winter. I struggled with ride and ride height issues last year... So I decided to put some stiff sport springs and Bilsteins in the back with coilovers up front. This way I would just match the rear height with the front and be done with it. Or so I thought...

    Started with this:

    [​IMG]IMG_20160817_181157586 by George, on Flickr

    Cut up and modified my stock uprights.

    [​IMG]IMG_20160817_193638399 by George, on Flickr

    Haven't welded on the rings that the sleeves will sit on yet.

    All complete (first rev):

    [​IMG]IMG_20171118_160846685 by George, on Flickr

    The dust boots really didn't fit between the 2.5" spring... but i put em in there anyway just for the time being.

    I put the car on the ground and the back was sitting at just over 24" fender to ground. Thats pretty low for a 90, not so much for all you stance fags, but these cars take a lot to get that low in the front (which I'm finding out now).

    Like I said before, I was hoping to match the front ride height witht the back..... So I spun the coils all the way down and..... sitting at 25.25" fender to ground in the front. Hmm that wont work. Without test driving, I ordered a 6" spring, had a 7" originally. Threw everything back together, this time with a helper spring and no dust boot.

    [​IMG]IMG_20171125_133537195 by George, on Flickr

    Spun them nearly all the way down and sitting at just under 25", but something was wrong. After some help from the interwebz and me playing with the height, I realized I was riding on the internal bump stops of the struts at that height. I had no suspension travel and no dampening at all. Had to spin the coilovers up, I went up an inch and a half, to get any travel/dampening.

    Now I'm back to square one out back. In the front, I think I will put the 7" springs back in and adjust the coilovers so that I have plenty of travel, no matter the height. Then I'm going to swap in some stock B5 or sport B5 springs in the back hopefully raising the car up to a level height. What a pain.
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    Well figured this out mostly...

    I got the car up higher in the front and it rides well. My front springs are now a good spring rate too. My only option out back, keeping it reasonable, was sport springs, or stock b5 springs. I cleaned up some sport springs and installed them. Ride height is great, on one side. Somehow I didn't realize the one spring was missing half a coil.... :mad::mad:

    But over the ride height issue is solved and the car rides well! I would like to get something a little stiffer outback, to reduce understeer but other than that I am all sorted.

    Next up is to fix the gauges and perfect the cooling system, aka just make it bulletproof.
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    then you gotta send it
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    A4 deja jew, Brien and myself made it all the way to carlisle and back.

    Eddie (a4 deja vu) V8 swapped B5 was slow and we often had to wait for him to make it up some of the small hills in PA, but we got there. :D
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    Can this thread be moved to the projects section?

    Has anyone successfully cut bumpstops on Bilstein struts?

    I bought some second hand and in earlier posts you can see I made my own coilovers. The car is not that low, but just a little suspension travel makes them bottom out hard on what I believe to be the internal bump stop of the strut. I need to fix it, and would rather not buy new struts if I can mod mine.

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  6. dyllicious

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    I have cut the rubber bumpstops but never an internal bumpstop. Would you have to weld a new bottom on the strut itself?
  7. lorge1989

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    No I have strut inserts. But I'm not totally sure I can break them apart and put them back together like the guy did in that video...
  8. dyllicious

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    Cut twice measure once. It'll work out
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    I can live with De Goey but if we take the hyphen at 30 Ill be pissed.

    Not needed just one year after taking Scharenberg and Langdon IMHO.

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