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Discussion in 'Audi and BMW Related' started by Brandon McMullen, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Brandon McMullen

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    Well it was time to sell the Expedition and pick up a new daily. I've been searching all over the place for the past 3 weeks and haven't found really anything that I liked or that was catching me eye until yesterday!!!
    I'm heading down to Philly late Sunday night and grabbing her on Monday morning then making the drive back home. Little turn and burn action yet again
    So to get to the point I picked up a 02 Audi S6 Avant with 68k miles on her! I can't wait to see her in person and feel how comfy the drive is back to Buffalo! I've been doing lots of research online trying to find things about the car and can't seem to find much info on the car. I did read that its a pretty rare car here in the states which I didn't know that. If anyone's got some good info about these cars I'm all ears and would love to know as much as I can about them?!

    Thanks everyone, hope y'all like it and think I did ok on me purchase 20201118_190156.jpg 20201118_185711.jpg 20201118_190123.jpg 20201118_190017.jpg 20201118_185958.jpg 20201118_185618.jpg 20201118_190048.jpg 20201118_190059.jpg 20201118_185734.jpg 20201118_185659.jpg
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  3. dyllicious

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    that looks like an awesome touring vehicle and it looks like its in great shape. Should be a lot of fun for a daily. Not sure what your plans are but the 4.2s sound great with an exhaust.
  4. lorge1989

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    Looks great. Of course, someone has to say it, I wish these came with a manual.
  5. g3tbrnsd

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    Exactly my thought but damn is this thing clean. Very nice find otherwise

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