Place to install 30-series tires

Discussion in 'Everything Technical' started by Orleans VWr, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Orleans VWr

    Orleans VWr Well-Known Member

    Can anyone recommend a shop (not a dealer) to install very low profile tires? 285-30R18

    Also, it would be helpful if the shop could perform an alignment on the car (2002 Porsche 911).

    Thanks for the recommendations...
  2. MKVImike

    MKVImike Member

    Reach out to Black Forest Motorsport, though I'm unsure if they're specialized for that work. Also call Mike Arnold at Weco Tire (716) 896-1107, they're located downtown and do most of my work - Stretching tires, wheel repair, alignments/balancing etc.

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