PSA: If you're a car thief, you'd best know your diesel from your gasoline

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    When stealing a vehicle, we imagine the last thing on a thief's mind is thinking is about type of fuel their "new" car requires. However, that's something Daniel Boxall should have considered after acquiring a new set of wheels through less than legal means.

    Boxall decided he needed a new whip, so after picking the pocket of Caroline Lyons pockets, he quickly made off with her Audi A4. Nary a Bobby in sight, he decided to pick up his friend Richard Lloyd and go for a spin. Soon thereafter, the pair started to run low on fuel and headed towards the nearest petrol station.

    Daniel Boxall proceeded to fill his illicit Audi with regular gasoline - despite the fact that the gas cap had a big 'D' on it. After leaving the station, the two thought their joy-riding session was about to hit full swing. Unfortunately, TDI-equipped Audis don't like chugging gasoline and the car sputtered to a halt just a few hundred yards down the road. The two attempted to sell the car for £100 to a passer-by stopping to help. He declined and became suspicious of the pair, even though they claimed they would have a Porsche by the following day. It's a natural tactic for the logically-thinking impaired... to make outlandish and suspicious boasts of high-end sportscar "purchases" when your £100 £13,000 Audi A4 diesel is broken down on the side of the road.

    Despite later claims to law enforcement that they were forced to drive the car by a "black drug dealer," CCTV captured the action and the two were sentenced. Boxall received a 12-month suspended sentence and loss of his license for a year while Lloyd got a 180-day stay in prison, 18-month suspension and 12-month driving ban.

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