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Discussion in 'Site Information/Suggestions' started by Dos Jotas, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    There have been a number of issues lately; I just thought I’d try to address them.

    Keeping things on topic:

    This has been a large problem lately. The bottom line is, if you don’t have anything to contribute to the initial topic, don’t post at all. It is that simple. Ask yourself before you submit a post “Is this helping this thread move in its intended direction?” If it isn’t, perhaps you need to reconsider your post. Also, note what sections you are posting in. If you are posting in the technical section, and your post has absolutely nothing technical about it, reconsider your post. Failure to stay on topic WILL result in a temporary and later a permanent ban for repeated offenses.

    For sale threads:

    If you started a thread without pictures or an asking price, be aware that the responses immediately after your initial post will be asking for these items. If you find a thread like this, bear in mind that these items only need to asked for once. Also, if you feel someone’s asking price is too high, it’s not your business to tell them.

    Grammar and Spelling:

    It is vital that you are able to clearly communicate your thoughts on this website. If sentences not able to be comprehended by anyone and groups of letters fail to form words, then your post is just wasting member’s time and energy. Spell check is your friend, use it.

    Swearing and Vulgarities:

    Using swear words is a great way to make yourself sound ignorant. Lets keep DITB a place we can be proud of. I want to be able to show it off to our families, friends and co-workers.

    This forum is open to everyone:

    We realize that a large number of us know each other, but when posting, please remember that there are a number of people out there that may not know you and have no idea what you are posting about if you are referring to a situation that only a few of us know about. Let’s not scare off potential new members and lurkers by posting about situations that only pertain to a few of us.

    Get together events:

    Get together events are for everybody. Please try to attend them as regularly as possible. These are great opportunities to meet other people in the community who have similar interests. If you are new to the get together scene, please introduce yourself to a few people. It is hard to get to know you if you hide in the corner! Also, if you are old timer at our events, please do your best to make new people feel welcome.

    Cross posting:

    If you are looking for a part for your Golf, you only need to post it once in the “Wanted to Buy” section. Please don’t post it in the “Volkswagen Related” section too. Also, make sure you put what you are looking for in the title of the thread. If someone has the part that you are looking for kicking around, they are much more likely to click on your thread if it is titled with the part in it.

    Topics that have been beaten to death:

    Make sure you do a search before you start a thread asking a question that possibly could have been answered previously. You might find better answers to the questions you have on national forums such as vwvortex.com, since they have a much broader member base.

    I think that is it for now. Thanks for your cooperation. It will make this site work better for everyone!

    Also, don't forget to look at the rules: http://www.dubsinthebuff.com/forum/misc.php?do=cfrules
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  2. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    ***NEW Swearing and Vugarities section****
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