See you suckers later

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by rabbit20v, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I'm off to Vegas for a VW "meeting"
  2. Porkins

    Porkins Squealing Pig

    What are we going to do ?? haha have fun!
  3. jxaxexgxexr

    jxaxexgxexr Posting- God

    I'll be there on Friday for a week.
  4. Sprunch

    Sprunch pinche marijuanos

    Not NASSSSS Car again...if it is bring sunscreen and water!
    Have fun!:biglaugh:
  5. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Just landed. Let the fun begin
  6. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Sweet. I just got off a plane too

  7. TABinWNY

    TABinWNY Well-Known Member

    This just isn't right - I go to Philly and you get to go to Vegas... Damn...

    But on a serious note - While driving from the airport to my hotel - went right past one of the Navy ships I servered on. She is moth-balled in the philly yard.

    She's in rough shape after sitting dormant for many years.


    Here's a link to her now: NISMF Philadelphia, PA, Photo Special - USS Conolly (DD 979)
  8. spam16v

    spam16v Members Only

    time for some scraping and painting from the looks of it... get to work!
  9. leftcoaster

    leftcoaster YES! I do repost!

    70 plus degrees an a BBQ ..... yo!
  10. euromut

    euromut MrThirsty

    Wish I could have done the tag a long thing. Have fun.
  11. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    Already checked out the Hoover dam. Gonna try to make it to the imperial car collection now.
  12. Xander

    Xander McLovin

    Sweet. Sounds like you were making the most of your time there.

  13. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    [ame=]YouTube - Dam Tour[/ame]
  14. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    I'm talking to the vwvortex guys now
  15. Smaefer

    Smaefer HEATED 24/7

    You're in vegas sitting on Vortex!!!!!! Ummm what's wrong with you?
  16. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    No I'm actually talking to one of the owners of the site
  17. Boovw

    Boovw Stop re-reading this post. It probably doesn't ma

    How much yea down?...and how many hookers have you had?
  18. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    What are you stirring up mister?
  19. murdock

    murdock Posting- God

    sorry to bug you while you were at the damn dam! haha
  20. papa1.8t

    papa1.8t Member

    There better not be any hookers!

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