SVS PB10-NSD Subwoofer (Short Review)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by euromut, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. euromut

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    OK, I have a head cold and I'm stuck at home on a friday night. So, I thought I cant resist the tmptation any longer. I'm gonna Open up my new SVS Sub and see what inside.

    Lets back up a second..... I purchased my sub in July, and I must say. It made the single largest difference in my theater setup.

    The rest of the setup consists of a Onkyo TX-SR603X reciever, a JBL Northridge EC-25 center channel, a pair of E-80 mains, and E-20 rears.

    Ok, On to the sub. Ill put it like this, When the bass drops off, its not because the sub woofer cant go that low, Its cause your ears cant, and then your ears can't hear the low frequency you can feel it in your ass through the couch. The sound is unbelievable. So deep, and so tight. the range is nice and flat all the way down to 18Hz (well bellow what the human ear can detect). This thing sounds great for both Movies and Music. And at under $500 direct from the manufacturer (the only way you can buy one) This is the best bang for the buck. Most subwoofers for under 1K cant touch the performance of the SVS, including those from Velodyne and Klipsch.

    With a single long throw 10 inch driver and a 3 inch front firing port, this thing is very robust. I had an old Yamaha sub before this, and I can honestly say there is no comparison what so ever. The Cabinet is BIG, and made of 3/4 cnc machine cut mdf on 5 sides and 1inch for the front as well as a 3/4 cnc cut internal brace. In the back is a 300 watt true power Bash amplifier with phase, gain knobs and a power, and auto on switch. The sub looks very utilitarian but is clearly made with the best components.

    Lets look inside. :pat:


    For those who are seriously in the market, but who aren't willing to step up without hearing one first. Contact me.
  2. rabbit20v

    rabbit20v BRIDGE!

    damn look at that magnet
  3. Doc_S4

    Doc_S4 Posting- God

    Your neighbors gotta love you! That thing looks all business.
  4. Smaefer

    Smaefer HEATED 24/7

    I was thinking that same exact thing. I would hate living below you or next to you. I know the old people are deaf next to you. But they must sure feel that thing. LOLZ

    And you have way to much time on your hands. Next time your board and energetic. Give me a call, I could use a good house cleaning.:borladuck
  5. DBR007

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    yea that thing is pretty beefy.

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