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  1. SuperFan99

    SuperFan99 Well-Known Member

    I might have kind of a significant change in my commute coming up (going from about 10 minutes, to closer to an hour) and I'm debating getting a jsw tdi, or a 4 door golf tdi (if I can find one). I'll be buying something used. If there's any specific opinions on mk5 vs mk6, i'd be interested in hearing those as well.

    Ultimately, I'm interested to see what peoples real world experiences are and what you all see as pros and cons. What people are actually seeing as far as mileage(city highway and combined) locally. thoughts on interior, ride comfort, etc.

    This is be my daily(~260+ highway miles per week), and we'll probably be using it for driving out to our cottage most of the time in addition to regular commutes(about 150 miles round trip per weekend), so added cargo space will definitely be a plus.


    .... and yes, I did search the archives. Just looking for updated opinions.
    Below is the only really relevant thread I could find.
  2. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    I just got a used 2012 a little over a month ago. I'm loving it. Biggest factor I have seen so far in mileage is temperature. The colder it is, the longer the car takes to warm up and the worse the mileage gets. With a longer commute I'm sure you could see much better mileage than me. On hwy trips staying at 60-65 you will see 45+ MPG all day. Here is a link to my fuelly. I don't drive the car with a light foot at all.

    If I were to get a car soley for good MPGs it would not be this car. I would probably go for a ECO Cruze or something like that because they are cheaper, run on 87 octane and will get close to the same mileage. I got the JSW because its a compromise between an eco car and an enthusiast car. Its fun to drive for what it is, looks great IMO, the interior of my MK6 really is top notch and its pretty big so I can pack a lot of stuff in it. Materials are nice, finish is nice, no corners were cut, super quiet and has everything else a new car should.

    It is likely that my opinion is a bit skewed because this is really the first newish car I have ever owned. That being said my favorite part is that I am not fixing it, or messing with it at all. I just drive it, and its awesome.
  3. unibagel

    unibagel Posting- God

    A little off topic but is there a software flash for the TDI's to boost the power ouptut? I know nothing about diesels, obviously.
  4. Trolley

    Trolley Well-Known Member

    I drive ~40 miles a day during the week and more on weekends. I bought mine with 12 miles in July and I now have 12000 miles. I see, between about 70/30 hwy/city, 42-43 avg. I also just got an APR tune so I have been a little heavier on it and still averaging ~41. If you're doing 260 miles a week mostly highway along with long trips, you'll be impressed by the mileage.

    TDIs aren't really meant for short, city-like commutes. They need time to warm up adequately and perform better with heat, as stated above. The temp definitely has affected my fuel economy lately but still, with tune and all, I still see low 40s. To someone that drives a tdi, seeing below 40 is considered bad I guess.

    As for the mk5 vs mk6 golf/jetta/JSW, they have the same common rail 140hp motor so it's all about body style really. I have a 2013 Jetta sedan but the only real thing I would rather have in an mk5 vs mine is the IRS vs. torsion beam.

    Hope that helps some
  5. Trolley

    Trolley Well-Known Member

    There's tunes but to make the newer ones "clean diesels", they have a lot of restrictive emissions equipment that pretty much limits what a tune can do. There's a company that does a stage 2 that removes a bunch of the emissions stuff and opens them up pretty well (190hp/320tq)

    I think the older diesels, mk4 and older, you can cut the exhaust up and take some stuff off and you get a bunch of power basically for free
  6. SuperFan99

    SuperFan99 Well-Known Member

    Cool, that's the kind of info I was looking for. For the area we're looking at I'm sure it will be warmed up by the time I hit the thruway.

    I'm definitely not looking into it as a straight mileage thing. If I'm going to be driving close to 2 hours a day, I'd like to get something I enjoy driving, but considering I'll likely keep this car for a while, and I'd be putting a ton of mileage on it, I figured a tdi would be a good idea.

    Just about anything will be an upgrade in terms of ride over my cq. That's not to say I don't enjoy driving it, I'm just not sure it would survive the commute, lol.

    Are there any out of the ordinary maintenance issues to keep in mind with the tdi's?
  7. Trolley

    Trolley Well-Known Member

    Out of the ordinary? Not that I can think of. There's no spark plugs or anything like there is in a gas car.

    Finding good diesel fuel is something to keep an eye out for. You would want to make sure you get fuel at a station that has quite a bit of diesel traffic. For example, I get mine 9/10 times at a Mobil in Hamburg where the Town highway department gets their diesel and that's pretty often. The need to do that comes from the high pressure fuel pump issues VW was having from low lubricity fuels being used and then the people that just straight up used gasoline.

    I guess the other maintenance thing diesel specific that I can think of would be letting the car warm up as completely as possible as often as possible.
  8. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Fuel filter is every 40K I believe and is important that it gets done that often. Cheap at the dealer though, like $110. Do it yourself obviously cheaper.
  9. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    My wife drives a tdi wagon and is very happy with it thus far. She averages about 40 combined driving. All the things mentioned by others are spot on. The capacity of the wagon is nice, although I would also look into a new passat too, the interior and the rear seat leg room on those things is huge.
    If you are looking for a manual trans car you won't have any hybrid cars to compare really, so thats another plus for the tdi. The Prius mileage is very good though, too bad they dont come in manual trans.
  10. 95VDUB

    95VDUB Well-Known Member

    coming from a technician stand point the new common rail tdi is great ive seen people averaging 50+ mpg. personally I wouldn't buy one though don't get me wrong they are awesome vehicles..... but the whole dpf system scares me considering I know how much it would cost to have it replaced outside of warranty. if I were to ever buy a tdi it would have to be an 06 or older pre dpf tdi. and also as stated by someone else fuel quality is very important ive already seen a handful of high pressure pumps being replaced due to poor fuel. and also you must make sure you use dealer oil do not use other oil in a new tdi it will destroy the emission system and use only oem filters ive seen aftermarket shit filters crumble.
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  11. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    Driving a Pruis is also like driving a refrigerator around regardless what trans you have. JSW, or a TDI Golf will handle pretty well and be decently engaging to drive.

    Honestly if you have a problem with the DPF just remove it. Nearly all of the stage 2 tunes require its removal. I thought those were typically replacement parts at 100-120K +.

    50 MPG is not impossible, but with the new TDIs its just not probable. At 50 MPH my instantaneous fuel mileage is somewere between 59-64 MPG. So sure if you have a long route where you are doing those speeds you can get 60 MPG, averaging it is just not common. Most people with JSWs see right around 40 MPG. Check out the other cars on fuelly.
  12. Jeller

    Jeller Posting- God

    I agree^ I am not sure at this point how long we will keep my wifes. I think around 3 years/60k will be a good time to part ways with it. Not sure I want to be at the other end of the repair bills with that car. Also not knowing anything about them or how to work/diagnose anything on her diesel is not comforting either.
  13. L8APEX1

    L8APEX1 Posting- God

    Just don't buy a car for good mileage then try to make it fun, they don't mix. Get a good mpg vehicle and a good fun vehicle.
  14. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    You have to define 'fun'. If everyone took that advice then we all would be driving Priuses, electrics and compact shitboxes that get great mileage and cost nothing to keep on the road. Thats the difference between an enthusiast and not. A TDI JSW is not a drivers car in a traditional sense, its not fast, not unbelieveable in the turns, but at least for me its fun enought for a DD. Cost per mile wise there are so many better options, but I refuse to drive an appliance and I'm sure thats the case with many on a car forum.
  15. 18t papa

    18t papa I'M OLD PAT!

    Pulling on a chipped india red 1.8t by accident in a stock JSW...
  16. SuperFan99

    SuperFan99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks again for all the input!

    I ended up going in a completely different direction after getting a stupid deal I couldn't pass up.
  17. Slark

    Slark Well-Known Member

    Do tell!
  18. SuperFan99

    SuperFan99 Well-Known Member

    I'll post some pics and tell the story once I actually pick it up next week. Waiting for the credit union to send me the check.
  19. 93dx--hatch

    93dx--hatch 01ci--coupe

    If storage is not a concern, a civic would be lower cost per mile on fuel cost alone since its 87oct and the mpgs are close. Also, IMO a stick civic is more a drivers car than a stick TDI, but doest not have the interior room of a JSW and the quality of the interior is much less, but it also costs $10,000 less.
  20. liloldbie

    liloldbie Well-Known Member

    I opted for a MkIV ALH TDi last year. Picked one up dirt cheap that had 211k, a failing auto transmission, was green, and has the dreaded tan interior which is in surprisingly great shape as I am only the 2nd owner. I saw 34-36mpg on the 500 mile trip home cruising at 70-75mph not using a light foot and 4th gear (OD) slipping up hills.

    Since then I've improved the car a lot by swapping the auto out for the more desirable 5MT, hot swapped the injectors for Bosio DLC1019's (.216), Southbend Stage 2 Endurance clutch, catless downpipe, mufflerectomy, and a Kerma Q loader tune to take advantage of the Bosio's and my 11mm pump that are standard on slush box cars. I spend about 50/50 of my time on the highway and keep her at 65-67, while in the city I don't drive conservative at all. I see anywhere between 43-48mpg depending on my commute times.

    I knew when picking up the Jetta that parts are abundant now and it really will never break down on me. I've done its' first timing belt job and verified timing via VCDS to ensure I am getting my best mileage. That's the most important part I feel to maintaining an ALH. Everything else is standard MkIV issues.

    There are other cars out there that can achieve great mileage on low grade gasoline. It comes down to you and what makes you happy. You'll be in the thing for hours a week so make sure you love it. I chose the TDI because VW's are easy to work on for me and it is still a niche car with a great following, and most importantly isn't just an appliance.
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