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  1. unibagel

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    Come on all you posers, time to start saving your duckets for a cheap track day.

    Might be able to get a multicar discount, IDK.

    • Sunday, April 28, 2013

      Okay so it’s that time of year planning all the summer fun! First event of the year will be Fun day/ Track Day at Nelson Ledges Road Course on Sunday April 28th. This is not a private event, we are a “fun loves company” kind of group. So please tell your friends or send this invite to anyone you may know interested in attending. It’s more fun playing cat and mouse chase games with friends out on the track (safely of course).

      Cost: $130 per driver

      Car: bring your own, check Nelson Ledges website for tech inspection rules regarding roll bars, helmets, and proper attire.

      If you have any questions that are not listed here please contact Jillian Barricklow or Nelson Ledges Road Course.

      If you are new to driving on a road course, they do have an excellent Rookie Class that will teach you all the basics before you go out at speed.

      Track Day/Fun Day definition:
      FunDays were created for the amateur sports car enthusiast; low performance cars and club racers. People that have always wanted to experience the thrill of "On Track" driving but in a safe, controlled atmosphere are welcome to attend.
      FunDays are perfect for clubs and groups that want to have a track day without the hassle of setting up rental, insurance and all the other things that go with it. Additionally, if you are an NASA/SCCA driver and you have a car you need to shake down, you are more than welcome to come to a FunDay, just be aware who and what will be on the Track with you, as our concern is for the safety of all who participate.

      Please note that no open wheel cars will be permitted unless prior arrangements have been made with Track Management.
      Be sure to read our FunDays General Information and the FunDays Driving Rules in preparation for attending a FunDay.

      General Information
      We, here at Nelson, want your FunDays experience to be as pleasant as possible and we take every precaution to ensure that. We ask that all FunDays participants adhere to the following general rules in addition to our FunDays driving rules.
      • Absolutely no aggression/road rage is tolerated. One warning is given then you will be asked to leave the property.
      • Track time will be between 20-25 minutes per session. This is for your safety.
      • A helmet is required. (Snell approved motorcycle is OK)
      • All open cars and convertibles must have a roll bar, reinforced factory rollover protection; similar to a Porsche Boxter or BMW M3.
      • Proper attire is required. This is defined as sleeved shirt, closed-toe shoes and long pants. NO shorts, tank or halter- tops, sandals or open-toed shoes are allowed; shoulders, legs and feet must be covered. Again, this is for your safety.
      • We do allow a passenger, over the age of 18 and helmeted, in the car with you.
      • There is a Drivers Meeting prior to the beginning of the FunDay. This is important, so please attend.
      • For your safety, it is important to listen and comply with track personnel.
      • Please check your car thoroughly prior to going on the track or have a mechanic do so prior to coming to the track. Check brakes, brake line, hoses, cooling system, tires, power steering system etc. Under track conditions, belts and hoses do break, so do not take a chance on missing the day with a broken part.
      • All participants must be over 18 yrs old, carry a valid driver’s license, and have current auto insurance.
      • We reserve the right to refuse service.

      Driving Rules
      Safety on the track is the most important consideration. Drive within your limits. Anyone repeatedly driving in an unsafe manor or ignoring the rules will be subject to ejection from the track.
      1. All open cars and convertibles must have a roll bar, reinforced factory rollover protection; similar to a Porsche Boxter or BMW M3.
      2. All loose items must be removed from the interior, glove compartment and trunk. Hubcaps and trim rings should be removed. Examples of items to remove include floor mats, radar detector, cell phone, coins, pens, paper, rags, oil, cleaning supplies, etc.
      3. Driver’s window must be completely open. Passenger window must be either completely open or completely closed. Sunroofs and vent windows if equipped must be completely closed.
      4. Use the following procedure to enter the track from pit lane while a driving session is underway. Pull up to the start/finish tower and wait to be waved through; move out of the pit lane briskly when waved by; stay to the right side of the track through Turn 1; check your mirrors to be certain you are not being overtaken as you enter the track. Do not exit pit lane slowly after being waved by the start/finish tower person; if you do, you run the risk of being overtaken by a car on the pit straight.
      5. Use the following procedure to enter the pit lane from the track. As you approach Turn 12, put your arm out the window and as high up as possible; stay to the right side of the track through Turn 13; and pull into the pit lane slowly.
      6. Flagging instructions: You will see corner workers with flags at strategic points around the track. These corner workers are the “traffic cops” of the road course. The basic flags being used are yellow, black, red and checkered.
      7. Be attentive to the flag stations. Watch for flags being displayed and acknowledge with a nod of the head or a wave of the hand. Failure to comply with flag instructions could be hazardous to you and to others.
      8. Passing is permitted in only two locations: the pit straight and the back straight. Do not try to pass after the bridge on the pit straight or after Flag Station 11 on the back straight. You may not pass a car until the driver of the car in front of you signals you to pass.
      9. Watch your mirrors! If a car is obviously overtaking you or appears faster in the turns, signal the car to pass. The obligation for a safe pass falls primarily on the passing car, but, once you have signaled a car to pass, it is your obligation to let that overtaking car pass, even if you must slow down to allow the pass.
      10. Do not group together in a pack or tailgate the car in front of you. If you find yourself running in a pack, or if the car in front will not signal you to pass, slow for a lap or two to let the other cars disperse. You can also pull into pit lane and be restarted with plenty of open track between cars.
      11. At the conclusion of a session, the checkered flag will be given at the start/finish tower. After receiving the checkered flag, proceed around the track at a reduced speed for a “cool down” lap and enter the pit lane slowly.
      12. If a flag station gives you a black flag, acknowledge the flag with a nod of your head or a wave of your hand and proceed around the track to the pit lane. Stop at the start/finish tower to discuss the problem with the track personnel. It could be a mechanical problem that a corner worker observed, or, if you are not following the driving rules, it could be a reminder on the course regulations.
      13. If a red flag is displayed at any flag station, stop as quickly and safely as you can, keeping in mind that there may be other cars traveling at high speeds behind you. Pull slowly to the side of the track in a location that you can see a flag station. Do not start out again until signaled by a flag station. Once told by the corner workers that it is safe to continue, proceed to the pit lane at reduced speed.
      14. Recommendations in case of trouble: If you err in judgment and lose control, the best general rule is to lock up all four wheels and keep them locked until you are completely stopped. If you see you are going to run off the track and, if you still have control, drive off straight. Do not make an attempt to hold the car on track, which results in a sideways slide off track or backing across the track into oncoming traffic. Your chances of escaping unscathed by driving off under control are much better.
      15. If you do go off track, wait for a corner worker to signal you that it is safe to proceed. Anyone driving off course or spinning (either on-track or off-track) must pit for consultation. After time to “settle down” after the incident, you may continue in the session provided there is no damage to your vehicle.
      16. If you experience a problem and feel you can’t make it back to the pit lane, do not stop on the track to inspect your vehicle. Remember that there is access to the paddock at two places around the track. The first access point is driver’s right at Turn 4 (Oak Tree). Pull off track and follow the old pavement to a break in the tire wall. The second access point is driver’s right at Turn 11. Again, follow the old pavement to the infield gate. Use the access roads back to the paddock area or stop at the flag station for assistance.
      17. If you can’t make it safely off the track at the above-mentioned locations, pull completely off the track and as close to the tire wall as possible. Get out of the vehicle and stand behind the tire wall for protection. Signal to the nearest flag station that you need help or that you are ok. A corner worker will come and provide assistance so please stop as close to the flag stations as possible.
      Flag Rules
      This is a signal of danger and should be shown to drivers in two ways with the following meanings:
      • Stationary: Reduce your speed, do not pass and be prepared to change direction. There is a hazard beside or partly on the track.
      • Waved: Reduce your speed, do not pass and be prepared to change direction or stop. There is a hazard wholly or partly blocking the track.
      A red flag indicates serious trouble on the course. Red flags will be displayed at all flag stations if an emergency situation occurs. All cars must come to a stop as quickly and safely as possible.
      This flag should be used to inform the driver concerned that either his car has mechanical problems likely to endanger himself, or he has violated one of the driving rules. The designated driver should acknowledge the flag with a nod of the head or a wave of the hand and proceed to the pit lane. Failure to respond to a black flag may result in expulsion from the track.
      Signifies the end of session. Proceed around the track at a reduced speed for a “cool down” lap and return to pit lane.

  2. sasquatch

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    i know i say i wanna do this every year....

    and this year is no different! as long as the OT keeps up at work i should be good to go! got to find a helmet haha
  3. lorge1989

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    I've been a poser as of late but this looks like it right up my alley this year.
  4. t-rent

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  5. Minglor

    Minglor jamjamjamjamjamjamjamjam!

    Ill take the VR rabbit. Ha.
    Or the gti.
  6. sasquatch

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    No you're taking the rabbit.... Or nova haha
  7. RHallock

    RHallock TEAM HATE

    emailed them about instructing.
  8. unibagel

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    That's cool Ryan! Hope they let you.

    Thanks for posting that Charlie!
  9. A4 Deja vu

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    Man I wish I felt good enough about my car to try this lol

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  10. synthetikv

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    i wanna do this, i just also have the feeling i'm the ass who's gonna blow his clutch on his first run lol :p
  11. unibagel

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    ^ No way, if you are BEATING on the car you are doing it WRONG! Smooth man, smooth.....
  12. synthetikv

    synthetikv Well-Known Member

    it's ok though i wanna replace my clutch soon anyways!!!
  13. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Trevor and I were discussing this today, we want in! I would love to do a Saturday one but I could swing Sunday too if need be.
  14. badnewsmini

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    Considering my boss went last year:

    I should see what i have worthy of running the track. my MK3 TDI is on koni's would be fun that lack of fast might kil the fun maybe i just wont use the brakes lol
  15. BlackGTI

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    Yeah I remember that car from last year. Fast as hell even on bald tires.
  16. sasquatch

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    I loves me some rs6
  17. unibagel

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    I LOVED that RS6!! Georgous car!!

    I talked to Trent yesterday and he said he wanted to go as well. It may be a little cold but I'd like to hit that first one on April 28th. Leave saturday afternoon, camp at the track, play all day sunday then drive home sunday night.
  18. badnewsmini

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    Driving home after a long day at the track sucks. Im always soo beat. and not in the mood to drive lol I would rather do it the other way. sleep after the track day.

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