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  1. 88Quattro

    88Quattro Well-Known Member

    In effort to bring the forum back to life....

    Who in the Buffalo area does undercoating? Not the rubberized but oil-like stuff that will help delay the inevitable for crappy American trucks. Thanks.
  2. Porkins

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    Solid question. Answers will most likely be subjective but I've been looking at a few in the area myself and I find the Krown the company the one I would go with because of how its applied and the type material being used. It seems to be more wax based which I believe to adhere better. That's just my opinion. I've also have been using Amsoil heavy duty metal protector once year. I like it. It is also waxy and does seem to adhere very well to everything. I like wax based products as you can see and that's due to its self healing properties and how it just sticks to everything it comes into contact with.
  3. 88Quattro

    88Quattro Well-Known Member

    I saw Krown and got scared when the website mentioned drilling holes. An autobody friend mentioned that he has never seen that method effective as the coating is never spread throughout the panel, just across from the hole. Searching online, it almost seems like everyone is using the same stuff now.
  4. dyllicious

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    There are some companies that sell the oil based type stuff so you can diy. Im sure itd be a bit messy but you could make sure it gets everywhere you want it.
  5. lorge1989

    lorge1989 Posting- God

    My boss swears by Carwell. There are a bunch of other places that will apply it though. Actually saw a sign at a little mom and pop shop near my house on Delaware near Sheridan.

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