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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by lite1979, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    Here's my opening contribution:

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  2. leftcoaster

    leftcoaster YES! I do repost!

    ^^ wow... ah... hhmm.. wow

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  3. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - Das Racist & Wallpaper - Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell (Wallpaper. Remix)[/ame]


    [ame=]YouTube - Justin Bieber "Baby" Parody - I'm Just a Baby ft. Tay Zonday[/ame]
  4. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - GTI vs ricer corolla[/ame]

    Go to 1:55 and listen to what this guy has done to his car.
  5. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    Badgers is classic.

    Last one was awkwardly funny. I really feel bad that the Toyota guy doesn't know what he's talking about, but that thing kept up pretty well with the videographer's mkIV. It's not like he got slaughtered.

    Moving on:

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  6. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - UKF Dubstep Tutorial (Presented by Dubba Jonny)[/ame]

    aural orgasm
  7. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

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  8. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    ^ that was so good! I feel like it's been around I've just never seen it.
  9. KurtCav

    KurtCav Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - PEOPLE ARE AWESOME.[/ame]
  10. t3h JAM

    t3h JAM Minglor's Lover

    [ame=]YouTube - How To Attempt to Destroy A Lincoln[/ame]

    dude, the comments for this vid have turned into a shit show lol

    lowlife punks destroying a classic 88-89 town car

    Inspite of the electrical problems, the car was full of parts that are almost impossible to find. Guys that do this are usually frustrated about the inadequate size of their shriveled pathetic penis

    Impossible to find?!?!?! its a fucking Lincoln town car!!!! theres about 23 sitting in the local salvage yard near me! hell finding parts for one is about as hard as watching this video. (which was very easy to watch
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  11. eurotrsh

    eurotrsh Resident Wheel Consultant

    That little JDM girl that drifted her bike was one of my favorites.
  12. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

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  13. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    crazy finns

    [ame=]YouTube - Weird Finnish Guy Freaks Out While Eating Licorice[/ame]
  14. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

  15. Mike.Mike.

    Mike.Mike. DIRTY DEEDZ

    [ame=]YouTube - Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up[/ame]
  16. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - nanaimo fire ,stewart ave[/ame]
  17. Dos Jotas

    Dos Jotas It used to say Admin here

    Oh my god is it bad.

    " I'd say no thanks to the Koenigsegg ugly carbon POS. Can't tow a shit, can't go off road, and there's no back seat nor a trunk. I bet it'll break up like a koenigsEGG in an accident.

    I know you're just one of those sheeple who praise German cars for no reason, saying Europe's always better than America. Might be because you live in a plantation, really.

    Well, I'll stick to the old body-on-frame cars while you can drive Kias and Hyundais from the 21st century. Tough Luck!"
  18. DBR007

    DBR007 Posting- God

  19. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    Mike, you're a jerk.

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  20. 96gtivr6

    96gtivr6 Posting- God

    [ame=]YouTube - Mr Blow Up[/ame]

    my halloween costume next year for sure

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