Discussion in 'Volkswagen Related' started by t-rent, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    Anyone around today or tomorrow evening? I appear to have lost my cable. Fuuuuuuu

    I work in Amherst and live in buffalo.
  2. 18t papa

    18t papa I'M OLD PAT!

    What did you break now?
  3. sasquatch

    sasquatch Posting- God

    No idea haha. Cel came on at a stop light turning into work. I assume it's something silly just wanna check and clear
  4. DougFresh

    DougFresh Well-Known Member

    Anyone available tomorrow afternoon or Friday afternoon? Need to check/clear a code. In the Tonawanda or Buffalo State area.
  5. badnewsmini

    badnewsmini Posting- God

    Collin... ill be home tomarrow working on cars at my place in north buff text me if you want to swing by.
  6. BozGLi

    BozGLi Well-Known Member

    Anybody available to help a brotha out with vag.? I have mkv gti won't boost oover 4psi. I want to see if it's throwing any codes or what not
  7. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    I'm home tomorrow until 3pm or so, then all day Saturday. Saturday will probably be best, as it's supposed to be nice and sunny out. I live in North Buffalo near the Target on Delaware. Text or call.

    Lite - (three one five) 877-7379
  8. MK3VRsexy

    MK3VRsexy Well-Known Member

    A friend needs his abs pump and steering angle sensor reset. Located in Angola. Will pay American dollars. Anybody around?
  9. mahoneybags21

    mahoneybags21 Well-Known Member

    I have the newest version, what year is the car in question?

    MAAAAAD inactive account

    I need a throttle body alignment and some codes checked out, anyone in the Elma area or near with vagcom? I gives tips
  11. MK3VRsexy

    MK3VRsexy Well-Known Member

    '01 TT
  12. 9016VB3

    9016VB3 Well-Known Member

    Greetings. Is there anyone who can clear my cel for a nominal fee tomorrow? I live in niagara county but will be at buff state during the day tomorrow as well. 2004 B5.5 Passat
  13. vw to bimmer

    vw to bimmer The Krazy Professor

    I live on GI and can help sent you a pm
  14. 9016VB3

    9016VB3 Well-Known Member

    I would like to thank vw to bimmer for helping me out. Greatly appreciated and what an awesome garage and toys! Always cool to see stuff you read about in person.
  15. A4 Deja vu

    A4 Deja vu Posting- God

    Looking to get the window mod and locking mod for the mk5 jetta if anyone can help thanks
  16. DougFresh

    DougFresh Well-Known Member

    Need to pull a code on a MK6, can come to you, for now... dun dun dun dunnnnnn
  17. The Alchemist

    The Alchemist Active Member

    So I am new to dubs in the buff and VW in general. I recent bought a mk6 gti and I love it! I just bought a rns-315 for it and I was doing some research on other sites (sorry just learned of this one) and I was reading that it needs some coding to work properly. So anyone local with a vagcon that wants to help me out. PM me and let me know. Thanks
  18. jayde1190

    jayde1190 Well-Known Member

    I have vag com in the elmira corning area just got it not really good with it yet but willing to help whoever out the best I can
  19. lite1979

    lite1979 Printing Shit!

    We're all "local," but if you could specify where you're located (Niagara County, East Aurora, City of Buffalo, Holiday Valley, et cetera), it could help narrow down the field of helpful volunteers. I'm located in North Buffalo near the Target on Delaware, and I have a fully licensed version/cable.
  20. bloodtypevr6

    bloodtypevr6 BLACK DUDE

    I could use your help. I just bought a mk3 from 8vstillrock and I need it scanned between now and next week. I'm right near you off Tauntan!

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